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To Root or Not to Root- That is the Question. Android Phone Rooting

This article is not going to go into all the sordid details of rooting an android phone because there are far too many liabilities involved in rooting. One of which, is voiding your warrantee. The reason companies will not honor a warrantee after rooting is because it alters the internal software of the phone. If this alteration is performed incorrectly, it can cause any number of problems, from slight functionality problems, to transforming your phone into an overly expensive paper weight for your desk!  Instead what we are go to discuss whether it is a good or bad idea and why.

Finding Rooting Info

There are many websites that give detailed information on how to root your particular phone, but do you really want to trust that the person responsible for those directions didn’t miss something, or leave something out? Especially when the author of the flash program you are downloading could have inserted a virus that records all of your information. Yes, that’s right, your phone is susceptible to viruses because an android runs on an actual operating system, just like your computer, and I haven’t heard of any antivirus programs for smart phones as of yet. It’s a hefty gamble and one I wouldn’t suggest to a novice owner. If you are tech savvy enough, and feel pretty confident in your programming skills, then it might be something you would be interested in doing.

There Are Many Benefits To Rooting A Phone

Rooting a phone can bring many more options to the table than your standard programmed phone offers. Essentially, rooting is gaining administrator permission in order to utilize certain functions in your operating system. All apps need some kind of permission in order to be executed on your phone, and some apps need special permission in order to operate, because of the type of penetration into the software, and system, it needs to function correctly. For example if you want to track a phone then it is important to root the phone so that the tracking app can get access to the administrative permissions.

One of the added benefits to rooting your android is extra features that it unlocks, like the ability to free up memory by moving apps to your memory card.

Downloading Custom ROM

You can download custom ROM (read only memory) that can do anything from change the look and feel of your android, to speed up your android’s performance. There are many people out there who are well versed inlinux programming, which is coming out with new features every day, the possibilities are absolutely endless if you root your android correctly. However, as mentioned above, if you do anything at all wrong, even the slightest mistake could cost you the functionality of your phone. Be certain you know exactly what you are doing before you begin.

Do Your Research Thoroughly Before Taking The leap

It cannot be stressed enough; as much benefit as there is to rooting, there is an equal amount of risk involved with it. If you are well to do and don’t mind purchasing another phone, then by all means try it, but if you are one of us little guys who need every bit of money we make, I would suggest not taking the risk. If you root your phone and turn it into a paper weight, you can’t turn it in to be fixed under warrantee, and that is a very, very important part of the equation, and is a deal breaker for many.

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  • Seth

    September 16, 2012, 11:40 pm

    Very interesting article. I’d been interested in knowing the differences between rooting androids and jailbreaking iphones


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