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To Modify or To Not Modify Your Printer: Things You Should Know

Printers have become an essential part of the office since they were invented. But the cost of having and maintaining one can prove to be a burden to the company. Considering the price of ink cartridges these days, who would want to use it unless it is utterly important?

That is why some people came up with ways on how to go around this problem. Enter the modified printer. Not only does it use a much cheaper ink, this kind of printer also makes refilling and replacing ink a lot easier.

What is a “Modded” Printer?

A modded (or modified) printer is pretty much just like you own printer – except it has an external reservoir of ink.

Tubes are connected from it to a special print head (it acts as the ink cartridge). The ink then travels from the external container, through the tubes, and to the special print head. These types of printers are more popular and available in Asian countries.

The Perks of Having One

There are many names for a modded printer such as “hacked” or “continuous ink” printer. Nevertheless, the main goal is to provide an easier way of refilling the ink, while at the same time providing a very cheap alternative to those expensive ink cartridges sold by the printer manufacturers.

Also, a modded printer holds a lot more ink on it so you can print more before having to buy a new cartridge. You can either have your printer modified in this way or purchase one that is already pre-modified.

The Downside is…

Although the advantages of having a modded printer seem convincing, there are still many disadvantages that come with it.

For starters, having your printer altered in such a way would render its warranty useless. Manufacturers hate the idea of it, and it’s guaranteed that they will, more or less, refuse to provide service on these printers should something wrong happen to it.

Another possible letdown is with the hardware itself. The tubes connecting inside the special print heads would be a primary source of jams inside the printer. And the special print head is not that reliable in a way that it can sometimes ruin the printouts or it can break easily (leading to worse printouts and/or drying the ink containers due to the release of pressure).

Your Choice

It all boils down to whether or not you decide to have your printer modified (or buy a modded one). You may be saving a lot of money early on, but what could happen in the future? Before making that decision, ask yourself: is it worth it?

So what do you think about modified printers? Feel free to discuss your points in the comments section below.

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