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To-do List for Business: 8 Tips That Will Boost Your Company

Businesses can often face situations when it is expensive to keep an inhouse specialist, and there are many tasks that can be delegated to remote executors. We’ll figure out what business tasks should be given to freelancers, how effective it is for the company and where it is worth looking for remote performers.

To Do List Business

Remote specialists can deal with tasks that arise irregularly. The key point is that they can be involved as needed, when there is no sense in keeping a full time employee. Another reason to use freelancers is the lack of time or other resources of the company. For example, freelance professional will get the task done faster, and the total cost of his services will be lower than the salary of a full-time worker of the same level of expertise.

Follow our tips and solve business tasks with freelance service Kwork.com:


  1. Improve SEO and rise traffic. No matter how progressive your company is, no one will know about it if you do not promote it. To attract potential customers, you will have to do a lot of work: to increase the link mass, to grow traffic, to perform SEO analysis and editing, to collect semantics and much more. Concentrate on improving the product, and entrust the promotion to remote specialists.
  2. Invest in marketing and advertising. It’s a cornerstone for any modern company, especially for those working in the service sector. It could be expensive to hire full-time marketer. In addition, you have to find out whether he is needed for your company. While you figure this out, give the tasks to freelancers.
  3. Have an excellent Site and Mobile Apps. The rule of five seconds works here: if site does not load within this period of time, the client will choose competitors. Freelancers can cope with development and IT tasks like website creation or customization, scripting, usability and UX, software and mobile apps development and even more. In-house programmers are not always needed, and this is a great opportunity to save money.
  4. Renew design. It’s a task of great importance. Corporate identity such as logos, branding, website design, etc is an integral part of any company. Just hire a remote specialist and forget about design: you are unlikely to change your corporate identity every week.
  5. Order texts and translations.“Content is King” Bill Gates.
  6. It is better to entrust the preparation of textual site content to professionals, and if there is no need to generate it constantly, freelancers can do it. You do not need to hire in-house authors if the task is to write several texts. Contact freelancers instead of hiring new employees.
  7. Engage clients with Audio and Video. Visual content is getting more and more popular comparing to textual content. Users better perceive the information submitted in the form of images or video. Take advantage of this and refer to outsourcing services, production studios or private experts to complement the image of the company.
  8. Service business. Remote professionals often attract project managers, personal assistants for specific tasks, event managers, accountants and tax specialists, lawyers, etc. Solve business problems with Kwork.com.

Remember about lifestyle. Companies may need special office furniture, engineer services, and training. This can also be solved by hiring freelancers. Solve this task completely and without wasting time and money.

Kwork features

Kwork Features

Kwork.com is the new freelance service. In its catalog there are more than hundred of tasks that can be delegated to freelancers. Users choose Kwork because of its simplicity, communication speed with performers and security.

Customers use Kwork.com to solve both current small and complex tasks. Here you can order simple tasks like proofreading or major tasks like website development from scratch.


The quality of services on the platform is consistently high. Performers are interested in their quality and demand, since the frequency of orders depends on this. The main motivating factor is the rating system. Ratings are formed on the basis of a set of parameters: feedback, the communication with the clients, the deadline history and many other internal factors and algorithms. Such a system does not allow frivolous attitude to tasks as seller’s responsibility rating affects his ranking. Freelancers who break deadlines do not treat their task with full responsibility will be temporarily blocked and their rankings will be leveled down.

Quick order without discussions

You can generate an order at Kwork.com in just a few clicks. The search for services is very user friendly. All the variety of works is presented in the form of product cards. Making an order within the service is as easy as buying bread in the store around the corner.

100% money back guarantee

The service team is passionate about customers’ security. Customers of Kwork.com use a high level of confidentiality of correspondence with the performers and are protected by refund guarantee policy.

How Kwork Works

How much does it cost?

A standard order at Kwork.com starts from $10. All orders are processed in safe transaction mode. The customer is always sure of the safety of the funds before the order is executed. In case of failure to comply with deadlines, poor work or an unscrupulous attitude the service guarantees a refund. The contractor does not receive money until the job is accepted by the customer.

The cost of services on Kwork.com is absolutely transparent and tied to average market prices. Here you do not need to overpay for the “star” of the performer and other bonus features. The customer clearly understands how much the project costs at the stage of technical assignment and decides whether to agree or not.

About the service

The main principles of the Kwork.com team are simplicity, convenience, quality and efficiency. Kwork.com is the right choice for those who want the jobs to be done fast and by true professionals.

What are you waiting for? Go to Kwork.com and get all things from your to-do list done right now!

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