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Tips For Your Website When Selling Luxury Items Online

Selling Luxury Items Online

Let’s say your dream is to sell luxury goods online – be it watches, perfume, shoes, or otherwise – then the first thing you will likely do is set up your own website. You might think that once the stock is ready and the website is up and running, then you’ve done all you can do and simply have to wait for customers to roll in. However, when selling luxury merchandise online, there are many important points to remember. Your products are of incredibly high value, so it’s therefore imperative that your website also matches that high value – something that consumers of these luxury items are going to expect. So, if you’re a new website owner selling luxury goods, then keep the following things in mind if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur.

High-quality images and detailed information

A low-res photo from your mobile phone just isn’t going to cut it nowadays. If your products are of great worth, then be sure to take a photo that reflects that cost. Well-lit images taken with a great digital SLR camera is the standard, but the angle you photograph from is also important, as you’ve only got perhaps 3-4 images to persuade a customer to buy, as opposed to real life where they can see it from all sides. The product descriptions should be detailed and engaging; it doesn’t make sense for you to answer emails from many potential customers asking about product specifics. Get it right first go and you’ll save so much time later.

Luxury items means a luxury website

When you walk into any Gucci or Prada store, you immediately notice how everything is so beautifully presented, spacious, and elegant. This notion of a luxury store must extend to websites too. Your website should likewise be all the things mentioned above, because don’t expect many browsing shoppers to stay around for long if your website is ugly, cluttered, difficult to navigate, and void of any nice images and descriptions. Look at the way this site is displayed, for example. Each Tissot luxury watch is given enough space and a great photo to be distinctive, the prices are easily visible, and the filters are clear and precise. Your site should also be optimized for mobile, as more and more searches are being made through smartphones these days.

Clear communication about delivery fees and returns

One of the worst mistakes an online store can make is not properly detailing every stage of the checkout process. It should be crystal clear regarding how much the product will cost once delivery fees and packaging fees have been tallied up, depending on which country the customer lives. Return policies should be very coherent and not vague, otherwise, you run the risk of a customer being scared away should they not be happy with the item once received. Packaging should be of a very high standard with no chance of transit damage. And for a little extra cred? Throw in a free luxury item with the package, it can be small and not too expensive, but it’s a great incentive for customers to share a positive review and perhaps come back for more.

Exceptional customer service

Finally, your customers are your lifeblood, so treat them with the utmost respect they deserve. FAQ sections are a great start, but you should also clearly display a telephone number and email address. Live chat options are trending lately and customers are loving them, so if possible, add this function to your site and you have the chance to answer questions in real time.

Of course, there are many variables as to why some websites selling luxury goods can flourish. These can things like as good/bad reviews, SEO, and not to mention how good your products actually are and the prices you set, but if you follow the above rules, you’ll have a much larger chance of succeeding.

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