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Tips to Protect your Wireless Network

So you might be knowing how important is to protect your Wi-Fi from hackers as not only they would eat up a part of your Bandwidth but also they could do some illegal things and you might be in trouble. So in this post we would discuss some really simple tips that one could follow, so that you could also protect your Wireless Network from hackers.

wireless security

But before let us discuss why should you secure your Wireless Network.

  • Your monthly bandwidth may increase , you might have to pay for those extra bytes that were anonymously downloaded from your network.
  • Yes offer course , more the number of users and less the speed. Your internet may slow down and become clumpsy.
  • And yes security problems as the hacker may remain anonymous and may do some illegal things over the internet.

So now you might have understood that it is really very important that you protect your Wireless Network from hackers. So let’s begin.

Secure and protect you Wireless Network:

Protecting and securing you Wireless Network is not that hard , as it may seem to be. Also basic users could follow these tips and protect and secure your networks to a further extent.

Router Settings:

For the start you just will need to access Router’s settings. Just type “” and enter the log in essentials in your browser. It may differ from device to device , so first you need to check and read your Router’s manual thoroughly. If not you could use the internet for the purpose to find related information.

Creating Log in Passwords:

After you are logged in your Router’s settings , you should soon change the default password , so that no one could guess it easily. You could do this in the Administration settings. You should wisely create a password that might not be cracked by anyone. Try using various combinations of numerals , alphabets and also you could try special characters for further security.

Change the Network Name:

Your Wireless Networks name firstly would be set by default, and may be like the name of the company like T-PLink, etc.  Although changing the name does not create a security standard but still it is advised that you should change your Network’s name , as then the hacker would not be exactly able to know that which network is he linking to. And yes it is obvious you should not use your name , house address etc. as then definitely the hacker would come to know that to whom network is he connected to.

Network Encryption:

Also encrypting your Wireless signals is of great use. There are sevral encryption methods available like WEP, WPA and also WPA2. Out of these WPA2 is the most secure encryption and offers the highest security, but it is only compatible with new and modern Routers and devices. And the WEP offers the least security.

In order to enable Encryption, open the security settings in the router settings. And here you could choose which security option you want to go with. If you have a capable device , you could go with WPA2. Set a passphrase for accessing the network and it should be difficult and something that hackers won’t be able to guess.

Mac Address:

AS you might be knowing that every Device has a mac address , that is unique for that particular device only. For example your smartphone would have a different mac address and your laptop would have a different one. For hardcore level security you could set the Mac Addresses which could connect to your router. This would really secure your Wireless Network to the best level as no other unknown device won’t be able to connect to your router and hence transfer files from it.

In order to do this , just decide that what all devices you want to connect to your wireless network. Just find out their Mac Address, and simply mention them in the Mac Address Filtering in router’s administrative settings. You could find the MAC address of your PC using Command Prompt , and typing ipconfig /all and it would show you your MAC address. For finding MAC address of smartphones you could refer to the internet for finding a method how to do it.

And yes by now your Wireless Network is alomst Hack Proof and secured to the best level possible. These were some tricks on How to Secure Wireless Networks, I hope it helped and you enjoyed reading the post.

Author Bio:- A 17 year old Blogger.He often writes about new apps and cool optimization techniques like android apps and all that stuff. He recently posted some basic tricks on How are Windows Phones on his tech blog Turtlers.

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  • Rashmi Sinha@Techinitio

    April 1, 2013, 5:41 pm

    It was of great help. I really had a problem, with my neighbor as they always used my wireless network. but for this router settings and all, one must have a knowledge about that. With your article, this problem is also solved.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      April 2, 2013, 4:10 pm

      Sinha@ I am glade it helped.

  • Rahul Jain

    April 1, 2013, 12:11 pm

    Best thing is WEP, WPA Protection and mac address are most secured thing in any wireless device.


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