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Tips to Place Home Theater Speakers for Better Sound Effects

One of the main reasons to visit the nearby or any sort of movie theaters in because of the sound systems and the ultimate filmic experience that you’ll face. The Same thing happens with our home theaters. They provide us with excellent sounding experience.

Home Theater Speakers are generally recognized as 5.1 or 7.1 systems. The initial number (5 or 7) should be considered as number of speakers that we are using for our home theater and the digit that comes after period is considered as subwoofer. Like if you have selected 7.1 speakers for your Home Theater, You’ll get 7 Speakers with 1 subwoofer.

In good olden days, for exciting sounding effects we have used Stereo Speakers which are usually very large and now a days, home theaters are provided with slim and smaller speakers with much better sound quality than the Stereo speakers. But most of the people will face little issues in placing the home theater speakers in correct order. These results in low quality sounding experience and most of the people around the world will be searching for tips that help them to improve the sounding effects of their Home Theater Speakers.

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Tips to Place Home Theater Speakers for Better Sound Effects

#1. Central Channel Speakers Play Crucial Role.

  • The placement of the central speaker of our home theater plays important role in enhancing the sound quality.
  • Make sure you place the central channel speaker below or above the video monitor. It delivers the sound that comes from the action in the screen.
  • If you misplace the central channel speakers, the action and sound sequence might annoy you. So, make sure you place the central channel speakers as close as possible to the monitor.

#2. Maintain Balance Between the Speakers

  • Since we’ve placed central channel speaker in the center, now we’ll be having either 4 speakers or 6 speakers depends on your Home Theater Speaker selection (5.1 or 7.1). Consider it as 5.1.
  • Now, we are having 4 speakers and you need to maintain balance. Try to place 2 on the left of your seating area and 2 on the right. This will balance the sound vibrations and you’ll enjoy the excellent sounding effects of your home theater.

#3. Subwoofer Plays Important Role

  • Adding the subwoofer to our system will enhance the movie watching experience and it is the ultimate.
  • Place the subwoofer in the front corner or back or hidden alongside as it produces the deep bass which non-directional.
  • Make sure that the general bass of the system can be enhanced by placing it close to the walls or corner.

The front speakers and main speakers on the left and right and also you have to make sure that each of these speakers are placed at equal distance and you can make a circular setup or an arc shaped setup, both works really well.

Thus these are some of the best tips that help us to enhance the sound quality of our Home Theater Systems.

Author Bio:- Guest Post by Siddartha Thota, who loves to write about troubleshooting solutions and tutorials. He loves to write about Speakers and Home Theater Settings and You can read his articles like Insert Youtube Videos in Power Point.