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Tips to Opimize Blog or Website For Mobile Devices

Mobile Browsing was started from 1996, when a software NetHopper was developed by Apple Newton. From 1996 onward there is rapid increase in mobile usage for internet surfing. Every 3rd mobile user is using there mobile phones to surf the web. You can now access almost every website through your mobile phones. As you can see in the below graph that mobile browsing is increasing after every year. You can see that browsing curve is increasing with increasing rate.

optimize blog for mobile devices

You must prepare your blog or website for mobile users. Make sure that your blog is optimized and prepared for every type of visitors. Althoug iphone users can access all type of website without having any difficulties but normal mobile users can face some difficulties to access some website or blogs through there mobile phone. For that you need to optimize your blogs or website so that mobile users can access it without any difficulty. Following are some useful techniques you can use to optimize your blog or website for mobile devices.

Optimization Tips for Bloggers

HTML Optimization

Of course HTML and CSS is the foundation of website or blog. You can minimize errors, loading timing, browser compatibility etc through different CSS coding. So use CSS instead of HMTL to better optimize your blog or website for mobile users.

Slow Connection

Keep in mind that majority mobile users have slow internet connection. If your blog or website contain lots of images and other heavy stuffs, then there will be difficulties for mobile users to access your blog or website.


Images can increase your blog or website loading time. Those who are using slow connection, will not be able to access all the content of your blog or site. So try to use less images in your blog. Although images are useful in a post in term of SEO, but adding lots of images can reduce your site performance.

Audio and Flash Objects

It is true that flash can make your blog or website more attractive, but on other hand mobile users don’t like these type of sites. Even iphon user are facing difficulties to access such websites which are using flash objects. You should minimize usage of these type of flash objects and audio files, so that mobile users can easily access your site.

Text Size

This is also one of the factor that some mobile users can face difficulties to read the content of your blog or website. The mobile screen are small and if you are using large size text then they have to scroll down to read the full article. Using small size text can help your readers to read conveniently.

I hope these tips will help you to optimize your blog or website for mobile users. Don’t miss a single visitor, try to catch every single visitor. Those who are getting million of traffic, are basically following all the optimization techniques. You should also follow these tips Plus all other techniques that can help your readers. Don’t forget to share your own tips regarding optimization for mobile devices.