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Tips to Avoid Content Theft from your Blog

Blogging is a very widespread activity that is done by almost every user on the internet. It is a very effective way of spreading news on the net, and one can also express all of his experiences through a blog. It is also possible to share links and other materials which are open to the public. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people blogging over the years. This included several hackers and other people with not very noble intentions, who wanted to use blogs to manipulate or steal content for unscrupulous purposes through illegal means. Today, there are many forms of cyber crimes and blog theft is one of them. There are as many hackers in the internet as beads in a string and it is very much possible that our blogs may be stolen without notice unless some safety regulations on the net are followed. A few of them are mentioned here.

Assigning copyright

It helps if there is a form of identification available on the blog to prove the authenticity of the blogger. The work done by the blogger on the blog can be helped to some extent in remaining original with a copyright. It should be placed in a manner that hackers who are aware of the techniques of stealing content encounter this copyright warning them of prosecution and the regular readers also can verify the genuineness of the blogger.

Protecting RSS feeds

Most of the content that gets stolen is via RSS feeds. It is thus very important that the RSS or ATOM content which one writes into also is well protected by a copyright. It should be such that it provides links to the user’s website. This is a very good way of preventing blog thefts. Another practice to prevent blog thefts is to display only the summary of the entire blog and not the whole.

Disabling indexing of images

Search engines provide the facility of image tagging. Someone who is not aware of the user’s profile but possesses an image or knowledge about one pertaining to the user’s site can copy content from the blog site. In order to prevent this, images should be stopped from indexing. For Robots.txt files, disabling of gif, jpg and png files is done respectively as writing the following commands-

User-agent NAME

Disallow: / IMAGE.gif/jpg/png$

Blocking yahoo pipes

Yahoo pipes is another common way of stealing blog content and is of the more known methods of blog stealing, it is possible to dismember these pipes by writing down the following snipped

User-agent: Yahoo Pipes 1.0

Disallow: / User-agent : Yahoo Pipes 2.0

Disallow: /

Just in case the content is still stolen

Contacting the webmaster and reporting on the copied content is the first step towards theft recovery. The website should then allow a compensation for the original user to permit the continuation of his/her services, if not, then DMCA is the only option left to remove the copied blog from search engine databases, this requires filling an electronic form with other formalities.

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  • Gilbert

    September 26, 2012, 8:55 pm

    Hey Bilal, Just learnt from you that yahoo pipes are a way in which people can steal content. That didn’t really cross my mind. I will have to block disallow them. Thanks

  • Mark

    December 15, 2011, 11:04 am

    Nice tips Bilal. It becomes the common problem for honest bloggers. Content is being stolen by black hats but I think Panda is slapping them hard.


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