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Tips for Setting up a Business Blog

In the internet world today, blog is the more powerful and a reasonable method to promote and market any business. The essential ingredient of blog is the power to create a positive impact of business owner towards a customer while maintaining bloggers focus on customer’s needs. In this age of mass information and communication, there are countless online marketers daily target users to market their products through emails. People do not get so much time to check and give response to every email.

Blog projects your image to your users, clients and customers about your business. One of the top online marketers, Dan Lok, has stated in his book “The Forbidden Psychological Tactics”, that ‘The solution online marketers have found is storytelling. Storytelling is about telling your customers about your personal experiences and linking that to your business and products’.

It would not be wrong if we call blogs ‘An electronic diary’. Bloggers project their values, beliefs, ideologies, personal and professional life experiences through blogs. Now this is a formidable marketing skill in online marketing industry. You could also use this tactic and take an advantage by writing about your experiences, your personal life and then associate your beliefs, your values and your principal to your business and products.

Don’t forget the difference between blog and a website. Write about your personal experiences by using the power of storytelling and DO NOT CONFUSE TO MAKE IT A WEBSITE.

To present a professional impression be focused to develop a professional blog despite of the free one. Professional blogs contains: “blog.YourDomainName.com”, whereas, free blogs will look

like: “YourName.blogspot.com”.

There are lot of plug-ins available for your blog, don’t forget the importance of plug-ins. Use plug-ins to add on to your work. Plug-ins will facilitates you to optimize your blog for search engines with their new features and functionality.

Make sure that your business blog is compatible with different browsers.

Do check the load time of your blog with the help of an available tool Speed Test. If your blog takes more than 5 seconds to load, then it means your blog is in risk as internet users might not be able return to it again.

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