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9 Tips for Optimizing your Business Videos for YouTube Search

Simply posting and optimizing content on web pages is not the only means to a fruitful end.  Written words may play a major role in a business, but it is also videos that play an equally important part in ensuring your web page is at the top among searches.  YouTube is the most well-liked and highly accepted of all video websites.  Hence, it is only natural that all those endeavoring to succeed in business will opt for displaying their videos here.

Before setting out to do this, companies and businesses would do well to observe the following:

1# Innovative Title and Description

Description of your videos and apt titles will go a long way in ensuring success.  While uploading videos, a title containing a keyword phrase will be necessary.  This will steer traffic to your business.  All titles to be of optimum benefit should be less than 66 characters, as longer and more descriptive titles will automatically be shortened by Google search.

2# Winning and informative content

To get the most gain from search engine results, businesses would do well to offer video content that is the most informative and useful.  This will not only assist searchers, but will also cause a certain degree of entertainment which will instigate them to share these videos with others.  This sharing will not only increase rankings but will also ensure more backlinks to your video content and in turn the website.

3# Use of YouTube analytic tools

YouTube offers uses a host of analytics tools which will show how videos are being rated, how they perform and what can be done to make these videos more appealing to viewers.  These tools help in ensuring that more people view your videos, share and recommend them.  These include:

  • YouTube Analytics – helps in showing you which videos have received the maximum viewership
  • Annotations – provide enhanced interactive understanding for viewers
  • Channel display – offers businesses a chance to customize the channel page

4# Video length and content

When it comes to videos on YouTube, originality pays.  Creation of innovative videos depicting your business through virtual tours, presentations and shots play a major role.  Addition of music or voice over will also ensure more interesting content.    On an average, videos on YouTube should be 3 minutes in length.  This will ensure that they capture the viewer’s interest while longer videos are bound to cause a certain amount of indifference.

5# High quality resolution

If a presentation includes slides, high quality resolution of videos is a must.  This makes them easier on the eye and more readable.

6# Videos should be watermarked

Watermarks across video are an absolute necessity.  These could include a domain name or contact details, as this will ensure easier access for viewers.  They will be able to contact you, which will in turn enhance your business.

7# Post multiple videos

When embarking on a video marketing campaign, it is advised to decide on multiple videos.  This will ensure that people who have viewed and/or liked your video will delve further to ferret out other videos concerning your business.

8# Include URL before descriptive text

On posting a video on YouTube, stress should be paid to addition of a URL at the very onset.  This will result in user having access to the link when ‘more info’ is collapsed.

9# Find ways to increase viewership on YouTube

The more viewership, more chance to appear first in results.  Video marketing works on ways to steer traffic to you site and hence good quality material adds to business identity.

To ensure continued success, a good business enterprise will continually upload innovative and quality videos on a regular basis. Increased number of videos, greater is the chance of increased visitors.  More visitors mean greater business recognition and the chance to increase online status and standing.

Author Bio:- Heather Protz, a freelance writer for USAheadlines.com – offers full home security to help protect your family, assets from burglary and other crimes. ADT Security Services

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