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Tips for Marketing Using Facebook Games and Incentives

Social networks can be useful tips for marketing your business. However, though many businesses have their own ‘Facebook Pages’, very few make an effort to use them more effectively. Even if you diligently reply to comments on your wall, your user base is likely to get bored after some time. The following are some great tips for keeping them interested and returning.

Facebook Games

Incentive Programs

A great starting place for ensuring your user base remains loyal is to offer them a good reason to. It is becoming increasingly common to see giveaways and sweepstakes as a way of encouraging people to ‘like’, comment and generally maintain high interest. However, it is less common to see anyone making a game from it. For instance, you could create a system which rewards points for every action – five points for ‘liking’, maybe fifteen for referring someone else to like the page, or ten points for each comment posted. This immediately gives your users something to work at and gives a sense of progression, similar to what is found in video games. Such incentive programs have been effective in retaining the user base for my Facebook page which features ediet coupons and weight watchers discounts.

Using the point system

When you have such a system implemented, it is vital that when the eventual winner of the game is selected, no one feel tricked or that it was a waste of time. The best way of doing this is to create a communal and to make the users feel that they were working as a team, rather than against each other. A great way of implementing this is to have an individual point total, as well as the grand point total, and offer incentives to the whole community at specific points. As the grand total reaches fifty thousand points, for instance, everyone could receive a coupon code for ten percent off at your store or a partner retailer. Besides increasing your sales, everyone will feel like a winner and the interest in your page will remain significantly high.

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