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4 Tips for Keeping Up with Your Blog While Traveling

If you are serious about your blog, you know what a time consuming activity that it can sometimes be. You have to be able to drum up new content on a fairly regular basis and you have to respond thoughtfully to your readers’ comments. You also have to take on other administrative duties like replying to emails from potential guest bloggers, as well as deciding how you are going to alter your blog design and layout to improve it in the future. With all this work going on, how are you to keep up with your blog when you go on vacation? Here are a few tips:

Make sure that your vacation accommodations have ample and quality Internet access before you book your trip.

This is especially important if you are leaving the country. While it’s true that the Internet has become so ubiquitous that you can get fast Internet virtually everywhere, not all hotels have wireless Internet, and some require you to pay a large fee. If you make Internet connectivity a big priority when you travel, you should be able to keep up with your blog fairly easily.

Set aside the least busy part of your day to dedicate to working on your blog.

Of course, vacation is vacation, and you want to take a break from your routine activities in order to reap the full benefits that going on a trip entails. Still, when you are visiting a different city or country, you often have that period of time when you aren’t doing anything except maybe watching TV at your hotel. For me, the best part of the day to work on my blog during a trip is in the early morning when my family members or friends are still asleep.

Remember that vacations, especially to exotic destinations, can provide great material for your next blog post.

Even if you blog about a very specific niche, you should take advantage of the experiences you encounter on your trip. They can serve as great inspiration even though you may not usually blog about your personal experiences. For example, if you blog about tech products, find out about the industry in the country you are visiting, ask a few locals, and write a blog post about what tech products are popular there.

Always remember to set up an automatic email that lets others know you are out of town and may not respond immediately.

Even if you have a great Internet connection where you are staying, you may be in a different time zone than the one at home, and you may also decide to go on excursion where Internet is not available. As such, don’t automatically assume that you will be able to respond to emails on a timely basis. Most email servers allow users to tweak the settings such that you can send an automatic note to anyone who sends you an email, and that way you can let them know that you will respond when time allows on your trip.

Even when you are at home going about your daily business, keeping up with your blog can be tough. When you go on a vacation, especially a long one, you might be tempted to let it sit for too long a time. However, just as with the theater, the show must go on, so keep blogging but have a fun trip, too! Bon voyage!

By-line: Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about accredited online colleges. She loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to mariana.ashley031 @gmail.com.