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Tips For Finding The Right Internet Marketing Consultant

Marketing is a hugely important part of the survival of any company, whether it is a large corporation or a small business. These days, internet marketing is considered necessary and just having a company website is not enough. So, how can one go about finding an internet marketing expert to help you with your marketing campaigns?

The Basics: Know What You Want

Before you can start looking for a consultant to hire, you need to clearly define exactly what you hope to achieve through your internet marketing and what your company requires out of this. Having an idea in mind isn’t enough with marketing; draw out a list or a map with your team that should help put your focus on what is really needed and eliminate the weaker points. Your initial strategies can consist of:

  1. Developing a website optimized for search engines to get higher rankings;
  2. Creating a PPC program that guarantees placement;
  3. Making a presence in social media;
  4. Working on lead generation that is targeted and effective.

Pick A Type Of Consultant

Once you have the basic outline of your company’s internet marketing needs in mind, you can think about whether to hire someone who has specialized knowledge in a particular area of marketing, or an all-rounder internet marketer. This will be clear to you according to what your basic goals are; if you intend to break out in a number of directions in your internet marketing strategy, a generalist may be a better option.

General marketers can take you along the entire journey of internet advertising and marketing from the very basics, so a generalist would suit your company if you have a lot to get done or are building a campaign from near zero. If you need an internet marketer to assist in a specific aspect of internet marketing, go for the specialist who can integrate into your existing marketing team and provide assistance as needed.

Should Your Consultant Be Local Or Out-Sourced?

Your next step in this process is to decide whether your company could do better with a local US-based contractor or would outsourcing the position lead to more gains and benefits. The main advantage of outsourcing is the lower budget you will need to allot for paying the consultant’s salary, as foreign workers will be less expensive to hire than a US-based worker. However, in just looking at the cost of hiring, you could easily be overlooking several more important considerations, such as:

  1. There will be a language barrier in almost all cases, even if your outsourced employee proves his/her proficiency in your language. There may be miscommunications and misunderstandings down this route.
  2. Looking up someone through the internet, especially someone from a different country, makes it hard to assure the authenticity of their achievements, past jobs, etc.
  3. Time differences between different parts of the globe may be the largest stumbling block. It may be difficult to coordinate working times as well as you would like and this could reduce the efficiency of your marketing system.

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