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Things You Can Do with Facebook

Facebook this became daily, routine word in everyone’s life in present days. Especially students may forgot a day or a week about boos, but they never do this to Facebook even for a second. Where ever you  move, either it might be a School, College, University or Party you will be in touch with in FB.

So, have you ever thought that how to make best use of Facebook. We spend most of the time in Universities or Office and the next place is to Facebook. So, spending most of the time in our lifetime on Facebook, gives you what? Have you ever been posed this question to yourself? We just scroll down and scroll down to see posts and comments made by our buddies. Boom!! time just goes away. It might be 2 hours or 3 hours or even half a day.

Facebook has many things which is not only to waste individual’s time but also may be helpful. If you want, you can make best out of it. It’s all “The way you think, the way you will be”. So, try to be Optimistic. What are all can we do with Facebook, which benefits us? Here are they:

Gain Job:

Yes, you are right! It’s Job. You can get it through Facebook. Have you ever seen, that there are many pages and groups regarding job posts? They are the source of jobs. By looking at their pages, you can get the information regarding openings. Sitting idle by just liking and commenting on posts of your friends’, cannot offer you any job. So, try to make much use of these pages or groups. Just spend time in reading or actively participating in such pages or groups can get you a Job.

Growing Network:

You can increase your Network. Just think for a while, when you started using your Facebook, what was the number in your Friends list and what is it now? This gives you the answer. But, increasing number in friends list may or may not help you. This depends on the types of friends you have. If you have more number of friends who are golden collared, then you can get more information or gain knowledge in Software and it’s evolutions. If you have friends from Technology background, you can be a “Tech Savvy”. So, it all depends on you.

Earn through Facebook:

You can also earn using Facebook. “What?? can we earn through Facebook??”. This is the question right now for you. Right?? “Yes”, is my answer. But, when you are spending lot of time in viewing posts of your friends’ does not earn you nothing. It is all about attracting viewers to your “Facebook Fan Page”. Yes, creating Page and having more viewers, makes you earn. Facebook pays you when your page has many hits. So, you need to have a page with attractive content, discussions and more over a name which forces viewer to hit like.

So, what are you going to do now with Facebook?? Scrolling your profile or getting started as discussed??

Author Bio:- I am Sridhar Belide from Hyderabad. I’m a quick Learner and fond of Learning new things. One Thought which leads my life is “There is no Shortcut for Success”along with ” A Journey of 1000 steps, starts with a single Step.” I will give my full effort when involved in any work.

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