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Things To Take Into Consideration Before Downloading Games

So the first thing to say is that not all free online games for kids need to be downloaded. If you worry about security issues, or you simply don’t want your children to get into the habit of doing downloads without your supervision, then you can limit your computer so the children only play online free games that stream to your PC.

The difference between a download and a stream is that the streamed game sits on someone else’s server, but is played through your computer; while a true download is taken off the net onto your PC, where your child then plays it for free. In actual fact, though, the lines are a little more blurry – most free online games for kids involve some kind of temporary download, even if you’re just buffering a Flash script; but they don’t necessarily imply that you have just ripped a whole new game program to your already overstuffed hard drive.

Another thing to understand about online games for kiss is the difference between an App and a computer game. An App is designed specifically for a mobile or handheld device, and is normally purchased from an App store. It will use gaming controls that take full advantage of the touch screen and tilt functions of a smartphone: for instance, there’s a PowerPuff Girls game around at the moment where you use the tilt mechanism to speed p or slow down on a snowboard.

A computer game is slightly different – it’s played normally directly from the host site, it’s usually free and it is typically constructed to use the arrow keys and space bar  as its primary controls.

If you trust the site your child is getting his or her gaming from, then it’s pretty safe to let him or her go wild with streamed and hosted games. There will be nothing to pay and with a massive amount of choice at his or her fingertips, your child will be kept enthralled for hours.

If, on the other hand, your child wishes to download online games for kids from an App store, you might want to exercise a more hands on approach to parental control. It can be very easy for children to spend more money than they should on Apps, particularly in games where add ons, extra characters and bonuses are bought for money.

The problem here is that paying with money in the environment of an App doesn’t seem like a real purchase – sometimes not even to the parent who will ultimately be shelling out the readies. So just be aware that you as a responsible adult can approve a load of purchases that individually don’t amount to much – but all of a sudden you and the child playing the App have got into a habit and racked up a surprisingly large bill buying unicorns or virtual presents.

Like anything, downloading or playing free online games for kids is easier and more rewarding when you know in advance what it is you are getting into.

Author Bio:- Olivia is an online gamer and TV enthusiast. Her addiction towards online gaming makes her even download free online games for kids from Cartoon Network.

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