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5 Things That You Must Share with the Novice SEO Clients

There are many SEO firms that offer great services to their clients who may or may not be aware of site optimization. However, a big difficulty for these firms to face is the shouting of impatient clients at every phase of this never-ending process of optimization. There are many SEO seekers who really do not understand that SEO is not an instant or short-term process. As a fact, each SEO service provider deals with such clients at some point in time. One way to overcome this problem is to tell them all the facts of the process in advance so that these clueless clients can calm down and understand this optimization technique better. Here are some things that you need to tell them beforehand to avoid chaos later.

SEO is Not Instantaneous

It is important to make your client understand that search engine optimization take months to bear fruits. In case of bad site, it can take more than a year for giving results. This should not be the reason to quite SEO. History has proved that this process, although lengthy, is essential for your online business. According to the Search Engine Journal, more than 93% of experiences start with an online search engine. Without optimization, you really cannot find your potential customers online.

SEO Techniques and Practices Change Constantly

Because Google regularly updates its algorithm, it is essential for your clients to know that old SEO methods will not work. Therefore, they cannot argue that if a particular site has gained much traffic due to article submissions to directory, their sites will also gain from the same strategy. In fact, such old practices can finally penalize their sites. So, you will have to make your clients understand this point. It is because of this dynamic nature that SEO has become a time consuming process. As strategies change, SEO experts tend to be more innovative in building great content and attracting readers.

Quality Content is Essential for Your Site

If the client says that he does not to invest in quality content, you need to tell that new quality content is mandatory without which SEO will fail. In fact, updated and original content is the nucleus of any online marketing policy. As per statistics, businesses that give more emphasis to online content for promotion tend to enjoy nearly 434% more indexed pages than firms who ignore it. As a result, they also get the benefit of more leads. In absence of organic content, the business growth is stagnant.

Optimize Site for Both Readers and Search Engines

Most clients believe that it suffices to optimize business sites for search engines or crawlers. In this quest, they often forget the importance of optimizing the site for readers. This is one reason why most clients will not pay more attention to quality content. However, with the change in the current rules, it is ideal to have SEO done for both readers and search engines. Avoid cheating your customers or else Google will surely penalize your site. As a ruler, Google always ranks those sites higher, which pays more attention to great user experience. Therefore, the site should offer easy navigation and simply but attractive design.

SEO Does Not Succeed with Some Couple Keywords

Most clients will tell you that just have 2-3 keywords and that will be fine to obtain a good ranking. This is one of the signs of a clueless client. At this point of time, you need to tell them that SEO is a serious and complex effort that does not suffices well on the pillar of ranking the top keywords. Just achieving these rankings is not enough to get leads and sales. Although it is vital to obtain these keyword rankings, it is crucial for your clients to be aware that it is much more essential to rank several keywords and optimize the site for discussions.

These are some vital things that you need to share with your clients before starting the work for them.

Author Bio:- This guest post is provided by SEOP.com, an internet marketing agency providing effective and affordable search engine optimization services.

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  • Rashmi Sinha

    February 21, 2013, 10:58 pm

    Amazing key points written about the reality of SEO and when should a client expect the results. This method is no magic wand that will turn the website into a gold mine. It require patience on the part of both client and the company.


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