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Things to Lookout for When Finalizing Topics For Guest Blogging

Choosing a topic for the guest post is not like choosing a topic for a blog post or article that you’re writing for your own blog or any of those article directories out there. A topic might appear quite passable to you, but you never know when a blog owner would reject a reasonable topic for any given reason. It might not hurt if you haven’t written down the post, because then you can come up with a new title, however, getting your guest post rejected because the blog owner thinks the topic doesn’t fit hisblog for one of the several different reasons is quite a setback. To be honest, you cannot always get in touch with the blog owners in advance to inquire if they’d like a post on a given topic or not, because they’ll take 2 – 3 days (or more) in replying and you have got other things to do.

Following are some things that you should consider when finalizing the topic, chances are that you won’t have to face the rejection, as far as the topics are concerned (of course a good title wouldn’t help if the post is below par).

In sync with the tune of host blog:

When you are writing for a blog, not only your title, but the entire post must sync with the overall tune and thecharacter of the blog, and that’s possible only if you’ve spent some time going through the posts and getting an idea of what blogger prefers to share with his/her readers. And we are not talking about the writings style, but the ideas and opinions as well. For example, you cannot expect towrite on “top five lies promoted by make money online blogs” and then send it to a blog that’s guilty of doing the same, and expect it to get approved.

Politically correct:

That stands true for both the title and the post itself. If you are looking to share some opinion on sensitive issues, or taking on a subject that is a little too controversial, you should consider using your own platform for publishing, because not many bloggers would be looking for unnecessary problems. It’s true that the blog owner are not responsible for the opinions shared in the guest posts, but at the end of the day, it’s there blog where the flame wars will take place, and it’s them who will be getting some of those threatening messages. So, you should avoid using such topics because not many bloggers will be interested.


Writing on a particular development, news, or happening that took place months ago is not a very good idea (unless you have got an update to share). Same goes for the topics which are time sensitive (i.e. New Year, etc.), it’s not that you shouldn’t be writing on these topics, however you need to time your guest posts to perfection, because these posts will be wasted if you aren’t able to get them approved and published in the right time.

Being recently covered:

Always scan through the recent posts of blogs and make sure that the topic that you’re looking to write onisn’t discussed in the recent times. Even better, use the search options to make sure that there’s no post discussing the similar topic. If there’s one and you have got nothing new to share, either change the topic or consider that post for another blog, because no blog owner would risk publishing the same content over and over again (especially after the Panda update).

Author Bio:- Arba is an Internet Marketing expert, writing mostly on topics related to link building, guest blogging. For more insightful tips on guest blogging you can download this free blogging ebook .

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  • Ankit @ GeekRevealed

    February 6, 2012, 7:29 am

    Nice Tips! I am going to make a checklist of these points and will refer it before submitting my next guest post.


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