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Things to Know before Setting up a Wireless P-2-P Connection using WEP Format

We might find ourselves in a situation where we need to setup a wireless connection for one purpose or the other which might vary from file sharing to sharing of internet connection. And for this to be made possible, there are some conditions that must be followed so that the connection can be successfully done but this conditions require special attention because the connection to be setup can be used by anyone near the courage area. So to avoid these unwanted users, it is advisable for you to consider some important tips so that the connection can be done easily. Some of these tips are;


The key according to this type of connection is the password which is just not any password but carefully selected ones. This password is usually referred to as WEP. This key usually serves as the access point for user to connect, it will be asked for whenever a new user wants to connect to your network. For example, if you are a Microsoft window 7 user, your WEP key must be hexadecimal and it can include and format such as upper case letters, “.” And any other letters or key. Another thing is that this key has to be in the right proportion for it to be accepted. Note that this key after entering and it is registered successfully must not be forgotten but on most occasion, this keys are usually not a thing to be crammed reason been that it is complicated (because of all the signs). So for proper remembrance, it is advisable for you to copy and save this password where you know you can easily retrieve it when it is needed.

Operating System Type

Setting up of wireless connection is quite different from one another and they vary according to the operating system type. For example, in a situation whereby the O.S you are using is windows 7, the method at which the setup is done is quite easy and the only problem you might likely face is the face is the problem of choosing an accurate WEP key and after that, the rest is just story. But in case of windows XP, the setup route is completely different and is kind of clumsy. Also window 7 users should note that any WEP connection made can only be used with someone that is also making use of the same window. This is for security reasons. Also, file sharing on windows 7 is far more easier than file sharing on windows XP reason been that windows 7 has been group into various network group and whichever one you choose determine how and what type of package you get to enjoy while for windows XP, you will have to go through the problem of selecting which file to be shared and selecting the appropriate sharing options. Although it is also available for windows 7 but it is not as compulsory as that of Windows XP.


This factor affects all wireless and even LAN connection (in some cases). Distance between the person that is sharing the connection and that of the other person should not be too much so as to avoid a waste of time, to make sure that the person you want to share your connection or file with gets the best of your service, make sure that the person is not too far away from you.

Numbers of Users

This is basically meant for those people that like to share their internet connection with friends. The numbers of users on the connection at a time really have a way of affecting the speed of the connection. So that this will not make you the owner of the connection to suffer from slow internet speed, minimize the number of person you share you internet with at once but in case you have a very reliable internet, you can share with as much as you are willing to share with.

Author Bio:- Odesanya Taiwo is a tech writer and a tech blogger who writes for a technology blog, techatlast. He also spends time to provide latest news for thenewsofthepeople, a news website.

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