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The Wild Berry Versus the Sinful Apple

It is the worst dilemma you will ever submit yourself to.

Imagine you have been given a chance to choose the smartphone you want to bring home, but you are only asked to choose between an Apple iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerry, which would you choose?

The iPhone is a very convenient choice. Branded as one of the most popular smartphones in the world, it is difficult to resist the temptation of being able to own one for free. The hype that the iPhone brings to the table is delicious to inhale and it seems to fulfill every longing for technology everybody experiences in the humid realms of the techosphere.

The initial message is to sell a BlackBerry phone to replace it with an iPhone!

Moreover, the iPhone experience is a little bit predictable. Yes, it is a classy and sleek device, but the device’s elegance, I suppose, has worn out due to constant misuse and its inherent greatness has been devalued because of silly reviews and childish clamor for it. The iPhone is an impressive device, but it isn’t the gadget to die for.

The BlackBerry, I can say, is one that is worth the choice. It may not be as hype-y as the iPhone product line, but it is something that has proven its identity and never failed to do exactly that.

Here are some of the reasons why a BlackBerry phone is worth buying:

  1. The Presence of the Physical Keyboard. It seems pretty standard today for smartphone companies to spawn the minimalistic design in engineering their devices and as much as possible reduce the many buttons that spell doom and inconvenience to a lot of users. But this is not the credo that RIM abides by when it comes to structuring its front-liner goods.BlackBerry phones are characterized by QWERTY keyboards, but they aren’t the same in some smartphones. BB phones have the most ergonomic keyboard on the cell phone market today. So don’t feel obliged to sell BlackBerry as it may be a bad move for you.
  2. Mobile Applications. Since the BlackBerry App World is already activated, thousands of exclusive BlackBerry apps and other features can be installed or downloaded to better your BlackBerry experience. If not, you can also subscribe to third-party apps that are perfectly compatible with BB phones like the CrackBerry. All you need to do is to know and determine which sites allow you to download third-party apps.
  3. Email. If there is one smartphone that handles and manages email well, it’s going to be a BlackBerry. In fact, emailing and BlackBerry is already concomitant. Before it became popular, BlackBerry phones were known to be business-only phones. With that, we can say that BB phones have the knack for facilitating emails since emails are essential to businesses.
  4. Camera. Some BlackBerry phones dig the test of camera-bility. In that case, we can never be reasoned with. Enough said!

We certainly hope you didn’t feel the urge to sell Blackberry phones and buy another smartphone brand!

Author Bio:- Megan Cunningham is a young Web Enthusiast, Graphic Artist and Blogger. She is the online editor of Cashforberrys.com where she has published a number of articles about Blackberry such as How to Sell Blackberry, Recycling your Gadgets, Tips and Guides, Tech News and more. You can catch her on twitter @Meganbility

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