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The Use of Social Media

Guest article by Amanda, a social media marketing enthusiast. You can also write for Tech Maish. Read Guest Blogging.

Digesting information has completely transformed since the days of traditional media, namely newspapers and television. Instead of the conventional one way stream of information, we now all participate in the content creation. New technology has allowed the average person to participate in the media creation and distribution, which is what we now call social media. Social media is focused around user-generated content, and also depends on users to spread the content across multiple media outlets. This is a large paradigm shift from tuning into your nightly news to stay in touch with the world. Almost all social media revolves around the Internet, and there are multiple forms it can take. Here is a breakdown of several types of social media marketing:

social networks[Credit-igorkheifets]

  • Communication: Social media is the new form of communication for everyone, and there are multiple ways to stay in touch.
    • Blogs are the latest source for up to the minute news. They also give people the opportunity to have their writing read by the general public without any traditional publishing red tape.
    • Microblogging is a method of creating and posting quick snips of information to a profile. The largest example is Twitter where you can post 140 characters or less of what you would like to tell your followers. This method of social media is known to quickly spread news around the world.
    • Social Networking is a term used to describe a place on the web where people can network with others who share similar interests. Facebook is an example of a social network where friends and family connect to share photos, videos, news, and events with each other.
    • Event sharing sites give people an opportunity to meet new people face-to-face by attending an event that was planned online. Meetup.com is a great example of people with similar interests who plan events for everyone to attend.
  • Collaboration: Two minds are better than one, and a million minds are better than two.
    • Wikis are websites that are created and edited by the general public. Wikipedia.org is the most well known and is an entire encyclopedia created by its users.
    • Social Bookmarking allows users to bookmark something they read online and log it onto a bookmarking service such as StumbleUpon. When multiple people bookmark a single page, that page’s popularity rises and is visibly to more people.
    • Question/Answer sites such as Yahoo Answers give people the opportunity to post a question and have any person in the world respond with an answer. This is especially helpful for people with questions in the future that can simply type their question in a search engine and find multiple sites with answers.
  • Multimedia: With the increase of Internet speeds in people’s homes, it is now easier than ever to share multimedia.
    • Photography and Art sharing is great for people looking to post family photos for everyone to see, artists trying to break into the industry, or simply people who want to share their life.
    • Video sharing has increasingly become one of the most popular forms of social media. YouTube.com leads the way and has millions of personal videos uploaded for everyone to watch. You can also view and share professional videos, TV shows, movies, etc.
    • Livecasting is only recently developing to be a large social media outlet. Services such as Skype allow users to communicate live with each other both in voice and video. Multiple professional services also use web meeting services to have video conferences, cutting down corporate travel costs.
    • Music sharing is popular to help find new music, send music to your friends, and create playlists everyone can listen to.
  • Reviews and Opinions: One important use of social media is the ability to post and read reviews of businesses, restaurants, events, destinations, etc.
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    September 15, 2010, 3:03 pm

    Glad you liked it!

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    September 14, 2010, 4:46 pm

    my favorite tool, facebook and twitter. thanks for the post amanda


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