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The Ups and Downs of Web Hosting that is Free

There are two types of web hosting services.  They are either paid for or free.  The idea of a free hosting plan is ideal in theory but there are many factors that need to be considered if this type of plan is what you opt for.  It is important that you know of front what you will (and won’t be) getting should you choose a free hosting provider.

While the upside of free hosting is the cost there are many, many disadvantages.

One thing to know is that with free web hosting your site will not have a separate domain.  Instead it will have a sub domain that will not really benefit you if your site is a business designed to create income for you.

If you are looking to have an e-mail linked with your site, you will not be able to do so when using a free web host.  Again, this is a disadvantage for business designed web sites.

There will be a lack of live time for your site as free hosting sites tend to have servers that stop running at high times.

What you are able to upload to your site will also be limited by using a free host site.

A main draw to the free hosting site providers is their advertising.  Therefore your audience might become annoyed at the pop up ads and banners they are forced to view when trying to access your site.

Finally, another hidden truth regarding free web hosting is that you really have very little or no control over your account and site.  Terms may change or your site may even be terminated with no forewarning.

After reviewing all of the hidden niches and disadvantages of free web hosting, it is obvious that opting for a paid service is far more beneficial.  Not only can you avoid the hassles described above, but you can actually have your site used for what you intended it to be.

The frustration and wasted time can be easily washed away with a reliable web host with whom you have a contract and support with.

Author:- Alex Corcoran writes hosting reviews for a number of online publications, currently favours WordPress hosting but does try and keep an open mind. All views expressed are her own independent opinions.