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The Ultimate Setup-The Geek’s Fantasy

As geeks, we like to have the best setup possible; we like to have the most powerful PC, the fastest internet connection and the most comfortable surroundings in which to use them. We are going to look at (arguably) some of the best equipment on the market today in the search for the ultimate geek setup.

Firstly, the most important part of a geek’s setup is the PC. This is your hub, your control centre, your link to the outside world, so it needs to be the very best. Dell produce a range of super-powerful gaming computers under the name of ‘Alienware’. These range in price from around $700 right up to $6000, since we are looking at the ‘ultimate’ setup, we’re obviously going to be looking at the most expensive model available. The Alienware Aurora costs $1499 for the basic model but has lots of optional add-ons that will seriously boost its power (as well as the price). Obviously, we want all of these add-ons, so we will be looking at the top-spec edition.

The Aurora has the Intel® Core 17-3960X Six-core extreme processor with 15mb of cache memory. This is perfect for gaming and will certainly give you an edge over the competition, as well as allowing for super-slick multi-tasking. To aid with multi-tasking it also comes with a 16gb quad-channel DDR3 memory chip, so you can be sure that this PC will be as fast as possible. It has a dual video card too, this will ensure that the graphics are crisp and videos are smooth. This PC also comes with a huge hard drive, HD monitor and gaming accessories, definitely a top choice for any geek.

The next most important part of the setup has to be the router. The Bountiful BWRG1000 gives the highest amount of output power allowed by the FCC and performs very well over long distances. This should ensure that you get optimal signal from anywhere in your home. This router is a popular choice for hotels that offer Wi-Fi connectivity, giving almost a quarter mile of Wi-Fi, somewhat more than any one person will need.

Finally, you need a comfortable chair as it’s more than likely that you’re going to be spending a lot of time sat in front of your PC. The Herman Miller Aeron chair has to be at the top of any geek’s list. It offers great lumbar support, providing maximum comfort and almost every part of the chair is adjustable. This will allow you to find the most comfortable position possible and will increase the amount of time you can spend at your PC without getting achy. As every geek knows, the more time you can spend at your PC, the better. It is also very nice to look at and was even added to the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. No setup would be complete without this chair.

Author Bio:- Post contributed by Amy, on behalf of Cable.co.uk, a comparison site where you can compare broadband deals, TV and phone packages.

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