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The Top Smart Phone Security Apps on the Market

As mobile technologies mature and gain popularity, they become larger targets for malware, viruses and other security threats. Mobile security apps provide essential protection for your smart phone as well as offering protective benefits to many other devices. Though mobile security is still a relatively new concept, there are already a number of apps and services available that can help to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of your devices. These are the best security applications currently available for smart phones.

1. BullGuard Mobile Security

With a real-time scanner, scheduled scanning, remote wiping, phone location and phishing protection abilities, BullGuard Mobile Security ensures that your mobile device is secure from virtually any threat. The phone scream and SIM card lock features provide added protection should your misplace your device or it is stolen. Remote back up and automatic updates also work to ensure that your data is always safe and easily recovered in the event of a device failure. The app is available for Android, Symbian and Blackberry devices to support many of the most popular phone models.

2. KeePass

One of the most common causes of a device or account compromise is weak passwords. Many users cite difficulty in keeping up with passwords as a major reason for not using strong, unique passwords for every account or device that they use. KeePass makes password management simple. With mobile apps and desktop apps available, this app provides the added benefit of helping to secure your computer as well. Using the app is as simple as creating a password database and filling in your passwords. When you need to access your passwords, simply input the database password and supply an optional security key. Your password can then be copied and pasted automatically into the password field of the page or program that you are using.

3. TouchDown Security

Even with a lock screen and security apps, it is difficult to protect your phone data in the event of theft. TouchDown Security helps to improve data security be allowing full encryption of your phone’s email contents. Support for most ActiveSync policies, Email-initiated remote wipe and AES-256 encryption help to ensure that any sensitive data in your email does not fall into the wrong hands.

4. TextSecure

This app allows you to encrypt text messages sent to other users of the app. This protects any communications that might otherwise be scanned when transmitting sensitive data via SMS or MMS. TextSecure also supports full encryption of the text message history in your phone as well. The app replaces the pre-installed messaging app on your phone for easy installation, configuration and use.

Each of these apps offers powerful security benefits to any smart phone user. However, the best way to secure your smart phone is through secure usage habits. One of the easiest ways to secure many accounts and services is two-factor or multi-factor authentication. This feature allows services, such as Facebook or Google Mail, to send a text or call your phone anytime a suspicious login attempt occurs on your account. This not only helps to prevent unauthorized access but can help to alert you to access attempts as well. For additional multi-factor authentication needs, Duo-Security offers a wide range of integration solutions for virtually any need.

Author Bio:- Robert Coulter writes for Authentify.  Robert enjoys reading and writing about the latest security applications in his free time and also spending time his girlfriend Heather.

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  • Arun Panchariya Dubai

    December 26, 2012, 5:24 pm

    All these apps are free?

    • Bilal Ahmad

      December 26, 2012, 7:55 pm

      Yes some of the apps are free and some are paid.


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