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The Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Biometric Technology in the Workplace

Advancements in technology mean that businesses are able to operate smoother and watch their level of productivity rise. Wouldn’t you like the same for your business? One of the most recent developments in workplace technology has been the introduction of biometric time and attendance systems. Biometrics is the identification of a person through his or her unique physical characteristics using advanced devices such as fingerprint scanners or voice recognition software. When used in an office setting, these devices replace the typical swipe card or punch clock as a way to track employee attendance. Pair these devices with state-of-the-art attendance software and you have an effective method for keeping track of employee payroll, schedules and accountability. If you still don’t feel convinced, here are five top reasons why adopting biometric technology for your workplace will benefit your business on every level.

1# Increased Efficiency

Biometric technology allows for more efficiency for businesses big or small. Typically employees have to clock-in using time cards or PINs or even a combination of the two. Employee hours have to be logged manually which creates more work for your HR personnel. Often times employees lose their cards, or forget passwords which mean more time is spent recovering this information, taking away from more important tasks during the day. With the use of biometric devices such as fingerprint and retinal scanners, employees no longer have to worry about lost cards or forgotten PINs. All it takes is a scan of the finger or eye, and they will be clocked in for the day. Hours will no longer have to be manually submitted into the computer, for these devices, paired with time and attendance software will input the information automatically. Having all of this work become automated means fewer errors and more accurate tracking of data.

2# More Accountability

Businesses that use biometric technology are also ensuring that their employees are being held accountable for their shifts and the amount of hours worked. Biometric time and attendance systems will effectively track when your employees clock in, when they take breaks, and when they clock out for the day. Without the need for time cards, businesses will eliminate issues such as time card fraud or “buddy swiping”, which is when one employee clocks-in for another employee who is absent. This is especially useful for large corporate offices or factories that have high numbers of employees, which often makes it difficult to keep track of their attendance.

3# Higher Profit

Having an increase of efficiency and accountability in the workplace will naturally result in an increase in productivity and profit for your business. Accountability of your employees will ensure higher levels of productivity, as they will not be able to lie about the amount of time spent working and will be encouraged to no overextend break times. This also means that you will only be paying for the work that is actually being done, which means an increase in profit for your business. As well, with a higher level of efficiency, human resource employees will be able to spend more time completing other important tasks in a day as opposed to spending hours on tracking employee attendance and manually submitting data for payroll.

4# Enhanced Security

Biometric technology is a great way to enhance the security of your workplace. With the use of biometric devices, you will no longer have to rely on physical keys or swipe cards to gain access to the office. There is no need to worry about lost or stolen keys.  As well, in larger corporate environments, if there are limited access areas, you can ensure that these devices will allow only those who are permitted into these areas. Finally, Biometric devices cannot be tampered with as they require the actual permitted users/employees to allow any form of access into your workplace.

5# Hassle-Free

One of the final top benefits that biometric technology can offer your workplace is the simplicity of its use and performance. Adopting a time and attendance system will allow your employees to focus on more important tasks every day. A simple scan of the finger, hand or eye will allow employees to start their day without worrying about the hassle of time cards not working, forgotten PINs, etc. As well, HR personnel will be assured that employee attendance tracking and payroll data submission is automatically taken care of. They will be able to focus on more important tasks, and have more time in a day to get work done. Biometric technology is simple, effective and easy for anyone to use whether you have a small independent business, or a larger corporate office to look after. Put your time and energy towards enhancing your business and increasing profit, and let your new technology handle the rest.

Author Bio:- Adelaide Irene is a freelance writer for Expert Notion, but has for many years helped run the family business, learning many skills and tips such as using a time and attendance software to help prevent from the dreaded time theft. Time and attendance systems helped save her family’s business while also saving them a lot of money too.

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