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The Top 5 Must-Have Car Gadgets

Having bought a car, you want it to be simply amazing. When you go out looking to buy a new car, the first things you look for are the gadgets attached. Whether it’s an amazing sound system, parking sensors or a built in satellite navigation system, they all help to sway the decision on whether you buy or walk away.

Adding gadgets to cars is essential to some people who just aren’t happy with having a “standard” car to drive around in. They need to improve it using the very latest technology to make it stand out from the crowd, making it unique and not like anything else out there so passers-by stop and stare and friends are always asking for a lift.

But what are the must-have car gadgets? Well, surely it’s all about stereos and sat navs right? Not necessarily, recent studies have shown that people are actually a lot more focused on improving the more safety-focussed areas than performance. Here are the top five must-have car gadgets:

LED Headlights

Some think they look like Christmas lights, others wonder whether or not they provide the same amount of light as the more traditional headlights, but the most in-demand modification for cars at present is the installation of LED headlights. First installed on the Lexus LS600h back in 2004, LED lights have been improving ever since, and now appear on models such as the Audi R8.

Head-Up Display

It’s important that drivers keep their eyes on the road, and one method of allowing them to do that as much as possible is to project the dashboard onto the windscreen, allowing them to see their speed and essential dials without having to look down and way from the road. Cool and practical!


We’ve all been driving along and heard a bit of a rattle or felt the steering go funny and wondered what it was and what caused it. Well some vehicles are able to give that exact information to the driver, (at an extreme cost!)

Reversing Camera

One of the hardest parts of driving any vehicle, is parking. Trying to reverse into a bay is difficult enough to get right, and when there are cars on either side and curbs to complicate things it gets much harder. That is why many drivers opt to install miniature cameras on their rear bumpers that transmit an image onto a screen in the car that comes on when reverse is engaged, helping them to park safely.

Voice Activation

Voice control is something that has become increasingly popular in recent months courtesy of Siri on the latest iPhone. Since then it is being used in more and more places, with the car now one of them. Drivers can now sit in the driving seat and tell the engine to start and stop, and even change the radio station. Lazy, but incredibly cool!

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