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The Top 3 Presents for Your Children this Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and the Christmas rush is in full flow as shops around the world have already started their sales, and are trying to pull you in to buy the latest toys and technology.  Every year parents are encouraged to buy something different for their young children, teenagers, or even older people.  This means that narrowing down exactly what you should buy can be tough, so what are the top 3 presents you should be tracking down for your children this year?  We have tried to track them down for you, and we know if you choose one of these your children will be really happy!

1. The Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer Game System

Ok so you might not be able to stretch to an iPad for your children, but for educational needs at a younger age this is almost the next best thing!  With a more child friendly construction, and also the ability to download e-books, maths and science games you can be sure that there will be something on there that will appeal to your children.  This tablet will probably appeal most to children from the age of 4 up to the age of 12, and can provide hours of educational learning for the whole family.

2. Kidizoom Twist Camera

Everyone loves to take photos, and this camera gives your children the opportunity to do that, and also learn whilst they do it.  It also benefits from having a really durable construction and tough exterior which means if your children drop the camera it wont be damaged, unlike the many digital cameras you can buy which crumble at the slightest drop.  The games that camera offers can be educational, and with a mode which allows children to take self portraits you can be certain that they will be entertained for hours!

3. Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster

For some this might be a step too far, and will lead to hours of annoying foam pellets being fired throughout the house.  That being said the Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster is one that will be appearing on many children’s Christmas lists.  You might not want your children firing foam discs across the house, but with these guns they can be guaranteed long range fights over the Christmas dinner and into the garden.  Watch out though, because they are likely to take you unawares with this fully automatic weapon!

Obviously this is just a selection of what you might find on the Christmas list of your children, and there is no doubt that the rush for these items will be big, so get in there sooner rather than later.  All of them, will be enjoyed by children, and the technology involved in each item is really exciting, an educational camera and tablet, and then a long-range foam gun!  All of them are guaranteed to give your children hours of fun this Christmas.

Author Bio:- This article has been written by James who is helping parents choose boys names and offering tips on the best girls namesto choose around Christmas!

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