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The Superiority of CATVs over DSLs

The internet connection set up with the help of CATV infrastructure is known as cable internet. This type of internet connection uses the coaxial wires which basically form the set up for cable TV access. But, what many of us do not know is the fact that television signals use only a little portion of these wires to ensure that these wires are used to their maximum capacity, along with TV signals digital signals are also transmitted.

These signals are finally separated at the point of time when they are received by the user. The TV signals are sent to the television and the digital ones to the computer. Thus one can make out that the working of the cable internet is similar to that of the DSL or the digital subscriber line apart from the fact that here the usage of telephone lines are replaced by the coaxial CATV wires.

DSL and cable internet come almost at the same expense, but ironically cable internet is a much faster form of internet service. The main reason behind this is the fact that the coaxial wires offer a superior bandwidth than the telephone lines. The bandwidth of telephone lines are mainly eaten up by voice transmissions. The shielding of telephone wires is of inferior quality to the quality of the shielding of the coaxial wires. This is an advantage as it makes the wires noise-resistant and other intrusion.

Often larger ISPs supply connection to smaller ISPs using cable internet. These smaller ISPs who are basically local suppliers then use DSLs, WI-max or other modes to distribute the internet service among the users. This feature of cable connections prove useful for places where telephone infrastructure is lesser popular than CATV infrastructure, for various reasons. However, from another perspective CATV internet is rather stable than DSL connections. This is because fewer variables are needed to be considered as far as distribution of signals is considered.

The only disadvantage of cable internets is the fact that they are less stable than DSL connections. This is because DSL providers often tie up with local loops and telecommunication companies. This ensures a wider reach for the providers. CATV operators mainly do not work by networking. They depend on a singular pipe system for their transmissions. The failure of that pipe will mean failure of the whole connection system.

In spite of this disadvantage it is undoubtedly a true fact that cable internet is far superior to DSL or dial up internet services. The most important requirement of internet users is speed. Whatever it might be no one wants and no one should compromise with the speed of the connection. Not even if the service costs more than others. It might just be the best option available.

High-speed internet means unhindered communication; speedy downloading and uploading of files.  Fast internet is good news for those who have children in their houses. Playing games online will be just awesome fun for them. Movie buffs will have the opportunity to watch movies online itself, without any disturbances.

Author Bio:- Jimy Jones has been writing articles on high-speed internet services for over a decade now. For better information Log On to cableinternetproviders.net

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