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The Secret behind Locating Buyer Keywords

If you’re a blogger, affiliate website owner or are involved in trying to make money online in any way, shape or form you’ve no doubt had the importance of keyword research drummed into your head relentlessly.

Commonly identified as ‘Step #1’ in the SEO/SEM process, identifying which keywords you’re going to try and rank for is arguably the most vital factor you’re going to need to consider when beginning a new online venture. The keywords that you select and eventually start to build links back to will determine the level of traffic you can expect to receive as well as the level of relevance those visitors coming to your site will have to the content you’re posting.

There are a whole host of tools that you can use to identify keywords for your future (or existing) website and many of them are actually free and readily available online. Learning to use these tools effectively is only the beginning of the process though.

There is actually another part of the keyword researching journey that most people neglect to highlight and I believe it is the one single thing that can determine right away whether or not your website is going to make money – now or in the future – and that is identifying buyer keywords.

What are ‘Buyer Keywords’

The loose definition of Buyer Keywords is ‘keywords that are searched for by Internet users who are currently in the mindset of being ready and willing to make a purchase online.’

When inexperienced webmasters start their new site’s they tend to read a great deal about how important keywords are and how they need to relate to the affiliate products they’re trying to sell. What so many of these new webmasters do, however, is focus on keywords that, while related to the product, aren’t really linked with the visitor who comes to your site purchasing a product then and there through your affiliate links.

You see, there are two types of keywords as far as most are concerned. There are ‘informational keywords’ which are the words and phrases people search for when they’re looking to gather information online about a particular topic. Then there are ‘buyer keywords’ which are the words and phrases people usually punch into Google when they’re looking to gather some insight into a particular product or service.

Can You Give Us An Example?

Of course!

When you’re selecting ‘buyer keywords’ the whole point is to be identifying and targeting visitors who are ready to make a purchase; affiliates don’t want a user to come to their site and just gather information and leave, do they?

A great example is an affiliate website that is looking to make commissions from selling digital cameras.

If this site were strictly about providing the user with information you would probably target keywords like this:

  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera Models
  • Information on Digital Camera

If the site was dedicating to targeting people already looking to buy a digital camera, however, you’d best to target ‘buyer keywords’ that appeal to those already in the purchasing mindset like these:

  • Buy Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera Discount
  • Cheapest Digital Cameras

As you can see, the difference are subtle but when you actually look at it the psychology behind the keywords is entirely different; the first person wants to learn more about digital cameras while the second is in the market to actually buy a digital camera. Which do you think would be the best visitor to have visiting your affiliate site?

How to Identify Buyer Keywords

It might sound simple but the best way I know to identify buyer keywords (and this method has worked for me for over 3 years now,) is to put yourself into the shoes of someone who is looking to buy a product.

Say, for example, you’re looking to buy a new cellular phone. Get a pen and paper and write down all of the phrases you think you’d type into Google to find the best, cheapest and greatest deal on a new phone. I bet before you know it your list will be overflowing with keyword ideas.

We’ve all been conditioned to be buyers over our entire lives so tapping into the mindset of someone looking to make a purchase is really easy.

Identify what you’re planning to sell via your affiliate site and then put yourself in the shoes of someone who might be looking to purchase those goods or services.

The difference between informational keywords and buying keywords might look minimal on paper but the difference they provide in terms of conversion rates on your affiliate sites is truly amazing so learning more about them and how to identify them is vital to your success to say the least.

Author Bio:- Darcy Stach is a professional freelance journalist who writes about everything from flight simulator games right through to social media strategies, gadgets and more! Visit her blog to see more.

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  • FME Modules

    February 21, 2013, 11:57 am

    Adding buying, purchase are normally considered as buying keywords but there search volume is always low. Beside these buyer keywords donot forget to use high traffic related keywords. They may convert less but will surely give your website boost. ~ Alastair Brian


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