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The Recent Google Update and its Impact on Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been in use since long and search engines as Google have been encouraging the same. However, recently Google has cracked hard on the same and has upgraded its algorithm, thus cracking down on wrong SEO practices. This way Google endeavors to get hard on spam guest posts too.

Google’s initiative

Google realizing its social and moral obligations has come up with a short video too to clarify its position on guest blogging. The head of web spam team Matt Cutts on behalf of Google has come forward to explain the company’s stance on the way they view guest blogging for link building.

Some webmasters had posted questions to Matt Cutts and the he responded through a short video in which he highlighted Google’s vision on guest blogging. Google views guest blogging as a “time honored tradition” and views this as a platform that accepts posts from good writers.

Guest posts provide the blog hosting these with high quality posts and builds links for the writer too. This is what Google needs and appreciates too.

Matt Cutts however had some hard word too for those who indulge in malpractices. Sometimes people post the same blog multiple times in distinct sites or spin the blog posts to create multiple copies from these. Though a large pool of articles might be created through this method but this becomes a bank of low quality articles.

Google until recent past ignored this practice but now the search engine considers the same as a black hat technique and usually ignores blog posts that follow this practice. Those looking for making a fast buck out of writing low quality blog posts and not following the Google guidelines are set to be banned and will not be able to post blogs henceforth.

Follow the guidelines

Matt Cutts is of the view that one should follow the spirit of content writing and come up with quality posts to avoid being rejected. Some specific points that need to be kept in mind can be as:

Writing in your niche area

To come up to Google’s expectations and ensure that one does not get banned for writing low quality articles, it is imperative that one focuses on niche areas. Writing in your niche area results in the blog post being ranked high on quality, something what Google is always looking for. This is what Matt Cutts has been highlighting in the video on behalf of Google.

Focus on quality

Quality always gets appreciated and in case you are not focusing on same, chances are bright that your blog post is set to be banned, as per the new updates issued by Google. The short interaction with bloggers and writers that Google has created online is an initiative on part of the search engine to encourage quality writers.

With increasing competition and need for quality being felt, Google has acted in a judicious way by posting updates on guest blogging and it is high time that all writers and bloggers take note of the message conveyed by Matt Cutts on behalf of Google.

Author Bio:- Diana is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. Her contribution can be also found here Engage BDR.

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  • SEO Lover

    December 13, 2012, 2:32 am

    You uhhmm spelled Matt Cutts wrong
    and he’s the head of webspam at Google… not an Engineer 😉

    • Bilal Ahmad

      December 13, 2012, 12:18 pm

      Thank you for followup. The post is now updated.


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