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The Perks of Owning an Ultrabook

The perks of owning an ultrabook are endless. From having everything at your fingertips to carrying with you a more manageable laptop, ultrabooks are flooding the market with their ease of use and beauty. Even cost is set aside when you consider the money you save by not needing to buy a new PC or hand-held unit.

Ultrabooks come with several perks, including the following:

Maintain Longer Battery Life & Faster Speed

Count on up to 8 hours of battery life without the need for recharging, which means you save on power but still get the speed you want. Multitasking is expected and will not slow down the speed of your ultrabook.

Get Multiple Connections Via One Port

Get hooked up without messing with multiple ports — get data transmissions and image/video transmissions, via one port. And if you want more ports, the options for more are out there, too (Ethernet, VGA, HDMI and USB).

Be Happy with More Ultrabook Options Including Windows 8

Get ready for Windows 8 being first in future operating system use on the ultrabook. While most ultrabooks begin with Windows 7, the push is moving forward for Windows 8 and an even slicker, slimmer case. Do you want a unique feature such as a different screen size or keyboard? Intel is bringing out 75 new models in 2012 with more options coming later. Compared with 2011’s 10 ultrabook options, you can’t help but see some growth.

Enjoy Design Focused Interiors and Exteriors

Get a unit that is manageable and beautiful. Expect crisp, clean screens and slick, lightweight exteriors such as brushed metal. Ultrabooks are made with magnesium alloy for strength and durability and the screens are even spill resistant.

Discover Something New and Improved that Just Might Replace the PC

You have your heavy unit, even laptops that you’ve attempted to carry to work or school. Make the journey to and from home that much easier with lightweight or even fiberglass ultrabook options. Consider a larger choice of screens, up to 15″ instead of the standard 13″. Use email, chat, Microsoft office, and music just like you do at home.


Ultrabook Experience (Photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page)

Find the Ease in Traveling You Want and Deserve

Are you a traveler? Get the weight you want and easier portability with an ultrabook. Get great use of the Web while flying on a plane or waiting between flights.

While some consumers get hot about the price tag of owning an ultrabook, a consumer is only looking at a bit more for an ultrabook over a standard PC. And with all the options going for them, including the ability to do the same things as you used to with multiple units, the choice is an easy one.

Author Bio:- This post was written on behalf of Dell, providers of great computer technology, including the ultrabook.

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