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The One Two Combination of QuickBooks and Levion

QuickBooks is accounting software used by many companies. QuickBooks has remote access, payroll capabilities, e-mail capabilities, ability to make payments, Excel spreadsheets and other accounting functions. QuickBooks is great accounting software and recently Levion has designed a great appto enhance your QuickBooks use.

Mobile Access

As you combine QuickBooks and Levion you create a system that can be accessed from any mobile device. Even with two softwares, any changes made on one will be mirrored to the other. Once you install your Levion connector to your computer with QuickBooks you can access all your QuickBooks info from your tablet or cell phone.

Any Windows computer can install Levion and have access to all QuickBooks information from any mobile device. Currently Levion is not available for Mac users.

Client Benefits

Having QuickBooks remote access is very beneficial to your clients. While accounting information use to only be accessed from your main computer tied to QuickBooks back at the office, you can now see everything no matter where you are. If you are visiting a client, you can easily have access to their invoices and payment information right on your phone or tablet.


Levion is a great application that will make using QuickBooks much more efficient. Sales people can make sales and create invoices on the go. Information won’t have to be written down just to go back to the office and input it in QuickBooks. Things are done once because employees have 24/7 QuickBooks access.


This new enhancement to QuickBooks seems almost impossible to refuse. The good news is that it is free. Without paying a single penny you can upgrade with Levion and get instant QuickBooks remote access. An upgrade that every business can appreciate can be made at absolutely no charge. Levion is a new application. While it is currently free there will be a time where additional accounts will be $9.99/moth.


The addition of Levion creates and accounting system where all information is stored in one place. Your invoices and CRM can all be found within the same system. Not only does Levion keep accounting information from having multipleresidences, it keeps sales people organized. Notes about client orders from an off-site meeting will never get lost. Invoices can be created on the spot. You will never have to jot down information about a new customer because you can use your smart phone to create a new customer in QuickBooks. With this application accounting information is in one place.

Author Bio:- James has provided guidance for many years to entrepreneurs and has become very educated with Quickbooks remote access. Levion is a particular company he uses that allows the users access from any device with an internet browser. With Levion James helps you work alongside your existing QuickBooks.

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