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The New Twitter and You

If you haven’t yet seen it, Twitter has launched a new version. The new Twitter splits the interface screen into two columns: on the left, you receive the standard timeline and on the right, you see a space that can be used to display various kinds of information depending on how you interact with your timeline. Twitter’s developers have tried to make the entire experience based in Twitter: for example, users will not need to leave the site now to view different kinds of media.

So what do these new developments mean for you, your business, and your online presence? Well, it means that you will need to adjust how you operate within the Twitter interface. Here are three ideas to consider as you make use of the new Twitter interface:

new twitter[@wppluginsblog]

Interact With Others Better

The new Twitter interface allows you to better interact with others, either within your feed or with direct messages. For example, if you see a user mention your name or your brand, then you can click on that user’s profile, which will then pop right up in the right side of your display. You won’t need to leave your newsfeed as you evaluate the user’s profile. You can also read past tweets to make sure the user is not a bot. Then you can decide to follow or respond, and you haven’t spent time clicking between tabs in the browser. Furthermore, tweets that are a part of a conversation can be expanded into that right-hand pane so you can track the entire conversation.

Monitor your Presence

Besides placing the search field in the top bar on the new site, Twitter has also created some new tabs right above the timeline. In addition to the old mentions and lists tab, you can also filter your timeline according to retweets. For example, you can see which of your tweets are getting the most retweets, and try to adjust your content accordingly. You can also see what other tweets are getting the most action, and try to capitalize on their content as well.

Media, Media, Media

The biggest change in the new interface is that you can now view media without leaving Twitter. So, if you tweet a link to a video, a user will be able to watch that video. Because users might be less inclined to leave Twitter to go to your own site to access the media, you should figure out a way to use that media as a teaser to get them to your site. Use audio, pictures, and videos to strengthen your Twitter presence, which will then draw interest to your other sites. Twitter’s ability to host different types of media is a different kind of experience, one that you should take advantage of.

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  • Twitter Presence

    October 15, 2010, 12:31 am

    Great article, Angelita! We have created a video review of how you can use the new Twitter features to benefit your Twitter presence. Check it out http://bit.ly/d63Nfc and please let us know what you think.

  • kbharath

    October 9, 2010, 12:09 pm

    i like twitter and its new feature is really great to see , i think so it takes some time to learn using it.


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