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The New Mac Pro Server – An Ample Replacement

When Apple replaced its Serve system with the Mac Pro server, many had doubts about whether the company could match their previous effort. After all, why would Apple replace something that had worked so efficiently in recent years? Well, they probably weren’t aware of the technology behind the Pro server, which has become one of the company’s flagship products.


First and foremost, the Mac Pro server isn’t a budget solution or an alternative to anything else on the market. It’s a professional system which carries a number of advantages over its competitors. Let’s start with the graphics that have tempted many into leasing a Mac Pro server.

Fast and powerful graphics are delivered by the system’s ATI Radeon HD 5770 card coming as standard with machines. Upgrades are of course available, but the pre-fitted card should provide professional photographers and editors with enough definition to fine tune their various projects. What’s more, film fanatics can run their clips through Core Animation, Core Image and Core Video technologies produced by arguably the best software company in the world. Needless to say, everything comes through loud and clear.

HD videos and albums’ worth of high-quality images will however start to work away at a system, with little room to manoeuvre. Apple takes pride in saying that their Pro system is not a member of this group, thanks to 8TB worth of internal storage. If this isn’t enough, the latest system also gives users the option to add a further four 512GB drives. Simply put, it’s about how much you need, rather than how much it will offer.

Then there’s the processors that power the projection. Mac Pros commonly run on powerful 3.2 GHz Quad-Core technology, but upgrades are available. Depending on the users’ preference, a pro system can be upgraded to a 6 or even a 12-core processor – delivering up to 3.06 GHz. After all of this power, you’ll be surprised to know that all Pro systems meet the STAR qualification for their energy efficiency grading, but Apple has a habit of conjuring up surprises, not to mention high quality products.

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