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The New iPhone Rumors

The next generation of the iPhone is all about to hit the market, and so the web has already been flooded with quite amazing and surprising rumors all around. And the rumor doesn’t limit itself to the performance related specifications of the gadgets. There was a speculation recently that Apple was planning on experimenting with liquid metal to replace the glass off the phone. Later news came out that it’s not even an idea that was being considered. September 12th of 2012 has been declared as the expected date of the release of the all new Apple IPhone5, which in many ways is expected to overshadow the previous versions of the iPhone. The iPhone camera is already one of the most efficient phone cameras around, and it seems Apple is planning on further improvising the technology. There was leaked news that the IPhone5 will be loaded with a camera boasting a system with multi-point focusing. Then of course the 3-D camera speculation was also there.

The older iPhones have been known for its brilliant large display, and the IPhone5 seems to be having a screen larger than the previous ones. There was a rumor claiming that the screen size would be upgraded to a whopping 4.6 inch display. And the display will have a better and larger resolution than the older versions. Also it will have a new technology claimed to be the ‘retina’ screen. The screen could also be a little curved, like the one that is used on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. Rumors hit a new level when there were mentions of the iPhone screen having an Airbag protection. It stated that if the accelerometer detects a falling motion, the air bag will come up for safety. However, this one sounded the weirdest of the speculations. But who knows, maybe Apple is out there to surprise the audience. The iPhone5 could also have an A6 processor or an A5X chip that is already put to use in the new iPad which has a dual core and quad core graphics.

The iPhone5 will also be having a smaller 19 pin port for docking compared to the older 30 pin connector. However this would mean that all the older iPhone accessories would render useless for this gadget. Apple is also rumored to be working on finding solution to improve the battery life of the new generation of iPhone5 series. Users might also find the usual Home button missing on the gadget as Apple is considering ditching it. The phone could also be able to recognize 4 or 5 finger gestures at a time. However one of the worst and absurd rumors has to be the one claiming that the iPhone5 will be cheaper than the iPhone4G. Also Apple has also been addressing the basic fixes on the older version of the iPhone. There were certain antennae malfunctioning, and the iPhone5 claims to have it fixed. Of course, the iPhone is one of the most curiously anticipated of gadgets that audiences have been waiting for this year, and considering all the rumors surrounding it, certain surprises cannot be written off.

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