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The New Intelligentsia Coffee by AppleiPad

Coffee, one of the many wonders of the world. The one thing that most human beings have in common when it comes to morning rituals. Ever wonder where the coffee beans that Intelligentsia Coffee use are located? Looking to browse the world of coffee and expand the knowledge that you already have? IPhone users will greatly enjoy this new treat in store for them with the Intelligentsia Coffee application.

This free application from coffee gurus Intelligentsia Coffee has brewed up their own app for all Apple users. This new app allows coffee drinkers to take a closer look at the coffee they regularly enjoy during their busy schedules. The Intelligentsia Coffee application gives users a brief example of what the coffee is related to and what it will go best with, and what coffee model will produce the better cup of coffee.

Intelligentsia Coffee

Going hand in hand with where the beans come from, Intelligentsia Coffee gives the user clear instructions on how to brew the coffee at home. The app even matches it to which coffee maker is being used and it also gives measurements for how many scoops, cups, or which milk goes with your coffee. There’s even a built in timer in the application that helps keep the coffee at its best every time.

After getting the coffee brewed, the Intelligentsia Coffee application allows the users to share their finished products through Facebook and any basic e-mail provider. This is a great feature for any coffee drinkers who are involved in coffee blogs. For the coffee drinkers who are curious about what other products Intelligentsia Coffee has to offer, the app has a built in menu that gives ideas on the taste and smell.

The application also features a store locator for any Intelligentsia Coffee locations that provides directions and hours of operation. There is even a section that gives great detail about their products, which include harvest dates and country origin. This is great for any coffee conscious drinker who is curious as to where their coffee is made.

Intelligentsia Coffee is a bold, clean app for the iPhone with large text and easy to read instructions. The illustrations are well drawn and laid out, giving the user a great description of how to brew the coffee of choice. The built in timer is a great add-on, giving loud pop-ups on the countdown until the next step. Very great for those who drink in the morning after waking up.

The new Intelligentsia Coffee application is available with any iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (is only compatible with the systems iOS 4.0 or later).

Any coffee drinker with any of the Apple products will enjoy this self titled application from Intelligentsia Coffee. As stated before; it is free, easy to use, and great for those coffee drinkers who know what they’re getting into. New coffee drinkers may take some getting used to, but with the simple step by step instructions, good coffee is never too far from the taste buds.

Author Bio:- The post is contributed by Davis Miller. Davis has attained degree in Food and Technology Program, but his vested interest is in technology and gadgets. Visit his site for kiezen nl and Beste koffiemachine.

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