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The Most Useful Gadgets for Long-Haul Flights

With long-haul flights, there are two facts that no one can dispute – they are boring and inevitable. Anything over three hours can kill even the liveliest of spirits. But technology comes to the rescue once again. There is a wide variety of interesting gadgets and mobile apps to help you on your tedious flight.

You can imagine that every imaginable gadget for long-haul flights already exists. There are even things like special lights against jet lag and special anti-radiation suits. Granted, not every gadget out there is useful and meaningful. Here are a couple of useful gadgets to look into.

Flights Gadgets

Playing mobile game

For Smart Phone users – you are probably aware that mobile games are getting more and more fun. The best platform and model to have is the Apple iPhone 4G 16GB or the Google Nexus One Unlocked Phone with Android. They support the most games. The hand-held gaming console and the PlayStation Vita – WiFi console are recommended.

Reading uploaded books

If playing games is not your thing and are into books, you may take a couple of books onboard. Too much luggage already? One fun and useful gadget is Kindle. It is among the best on the market because it lets you upload as many books as you like, get a stiff drink, and pass the time.

Watching movies and listening to music

Watching movies is yet another way to have fun on a long-haul flight. One often recommended device for your portable media player is MyVu Glasses. They will transform the way you watch movies and videos, going with noise-isolating headphones. The downside is that you look funny with them on. The headphones can be used as earplugs as well. One decent product in this category is the Sennheiser Earbuds.

A few words about MP3 players – you cannot do without one! Apple iPod Nano would top anyone’s list. It is compact, yet can hold quite a bit of songs. If you want video and an MP3 in one, you should get the Creative Zen Vision M with capacity of 30 GB. This gadget can run video in all possible formats, is equipped with a radio and microphone, and has a very long battery life.

Laptops and chargers

Of course, where would you be without your laptop? You can watch a movie, play games, listen to music, get some work done, whatever it is you do…the most important thing to remember about a laptop is that it should be light weight, compact, energy efficient, and with a long battery life. It is getting harder and harder to do without an in-flight laptop battery charger. Few planes currently offer such to their clients.

If you are looking for a universal charger – one that works with USBs, cell phones, game systems, and more – you should look into Earphone Jack. It is simply connected to the headset jack in the plane.

Want to watch something special on a long flight, but are embarrassed that other people will look? Take a look at the 3M Privacy Filter. This is a screen that is placed over your monitor, making it viewable only from your angle. Now you can watch anything you want. You know what I mean. There is only one problem – if you watch this throughout a ten, twelve- or fourteen-hour flight, it may have the opposite effect of relaxing and calming you down.

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