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The Most Commonly Used Black Hat SEO Methods- Is There an Ethical Side?

Every single SEO practitioner already knows that there are many real things and myths with regard to the black hat SEO methods. And even though most people prefer the white hat SEO, we cannot deny the fact that many others are using the “black” tactics. There are a few important reasons why someone must discover the available black hat SEO techniques. The most important reasons relates to the fact that by knowing these techniques, a person can stay away from them and even learn how to use them ethically.

The Truth about the Black Hat SEO Techniques

The use of the black hat SEO techniques can easily bring along a series of problems, including different search engine penalties. Furthermore, many practitioners consider that the “black” tactics are for the weak. This is because these tactics actually help different people to cheat the other participants on the web. Therefore, if you wish to develop a reputable business, you should stay away from any compromising techniques, which include different black hat SEO methods.

The Most Important Black Hat SEO Methods: How to Use Them Ethically

These days, you can find numerous SEO methods that you can use as white hat or black hat SEO techniques. The following paragraphs are going to explain you how to use the most important SEO methods in an appropriate way.

Create Backlinks: You can create different backlinks with the help of a few methods. A black hat method to create backlinks is to pay for them. However, instead of doing this, you can donate your money to software developers or charity websites, which usually display the links of those who donate money to them.

Hidden Text: You can create CSS virtual platforms with JQuery effects. These effects actually hide large texts which display on mouse-over function. One example is the CSS pagination.

Redirecting Function 301: With this function, you can redirect any outdated pages to newer page versions. If you move to a new domain, you can also use the same pages.

Cloaking: Cloaking helps you to hide any flash animations from different search engines. By using this technique, you can show only the text which is optimized for findability and accessibility.

Automatic Keyword Pages: If you own enough content on your website, you can create pages for search queries and assign specific pages to particular queries.

Keyword Stuffing: This method relates to folksonomy and tags. Folksonomy actually means to let your users to add tags for your website via UGC tagging.

Scraping: Through scraping you can create mirrors towards some very popular websites. You can offer these services to different webmasters who will be more than happy to pay less than if they would approach some other services.

Ad Only Pages: You can create page ads which pop-up before allowing visitors to see your website content.

Multiple Subdomains: You can create multiple subdomanis with the help of the UGC function. This way, you can use numerous websites which rank for the same query.

Besides all these black hat SEO tactics, you can use many other techniques, such as slander linkbait, hacking sites, invisible links, deceptive headlines and so on. But even though all these belong to the black hat techniques, you can actually use them ethically without contravening the rules of different search engines. However, if you consider that you are not able to use the black hat SEO techniques ethically, you should stick with the white hat SEO tactics. The reason for this is that only this way you can actually stay away from troubles.

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  • sai krishna

    December 8, 2011, 6:56 pm

    really black hat seo is dominate the other blog search ranking.i hope black hat seo is die soon.i think new google panda update is make black hat seo down.


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