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The Main Advantages of Moving Over to Cloud

You might’ve heard of it, but it’s the new buzzword of this generation. The Cloud! Google has it, and it is fantastic! When it comes to the Google Cloud, and its innovative features, one may wonder why they would ever own another computer again. For the uninformed out there, the cloud is more or less an online “home” for your information. If you are working on a document at home in the cloud, you can get up and get to work, and voila the document is as it was when you last saw it at home. How the cloud works, is that you’re given your own online cloud account with the ability to create and save documents and files online. This online cloud that Google has developed has an auto save feature which is very smart and ultra responsive to any changes your making! This is great if you’re a company and you’re trying to integrate all the employees into an online gathering spot so that information can be dispersed amongst everyone with efficiency and accuracy.

The best thing about the cloud however, is its ability to be accessed anywhere so long as you have an online connection. This is a great way to stay in touch with your documents no matter if you have just your Smartphone on you. This ability to have access to your information anywhere without having to formally upload it to a server or ftp truly is revolutionary. And it also creates a great safeguard from viruses which have a restricted means of infecting your computer and files. By having your information available to you at an instant with a click of the button you can rest knowing that your information is never at risk of being lost. That is unless the unthinkable happens…

If there is one vulnerability that the Google Cloud has its requirement for a persistent online connection to provide you with the information you have stored online in its database. If for some reason Google’s cloud servers were to ever go down or become offline for any reason whatsoever, you are going to find yourself in a helpless position as you await the for servers to go back online. This one vulnerability is the big one we should all be concerned with, considering in Google’s EULA it states that Google is not responsible for any lost information on the cloud. Being that Google itself is aware that this possibility might reveal itself as a reality, it is good to always backup your information on the cloud at least 1 a month, because… you never just know.

Even though the cloud does have this issue, you have to wonder if the future is going to embrace this type of technology, and the answer is a resounding yes. Everyone nowadays wants to have access to information at the moment they of their choosing. Never before in the history of modern man has information been so easily accessible from anywhere than before. It truly is remarkable that the majority of corporations have been extremely clever in tracking their customers and their interests. A lot of companies have been getting used to opening up their own “company portal”, where a customer has their account and personal information. The biggest example of this i believe is Facebook, and Facebook in a sense is a cloud in the purest form. Where you have your account name and password is your key to instant access that is constantly being generated through everyone’s uploads. This ability to post information and have anyone connected to you is able to see it is an amazing concept. Thank you for reading and visit me at USA Computer Store in Broward Florida!

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  • Heather Protz

    April 12, 2012, 4:37 pm

    Cloud is pretty awesome…really convenient features.Enhances online learning features too! Set up a cloud account for my family and it is almost like having your own private website.


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