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The Long Battle: iOS Vs Android

Smartphones aren’t really defined by their features. Sure, you can slap in an 8.0 megapixel camera into a smartphone, but not everyone is going to be taking pictures every day.

What makes smartphone the way they are is the software they use. It’s what people stare at every day of their lives! It’s what helps them navigate, organize and do whatever else they require. If the software isn’t great, then the phone will fade into oblivion.

Right now, the battle is between iOS and Android. These two platforms have been fighting ever since Android came in 2008.

ios vs iphone

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When you’re going to sell your phone and upgrade to an iOS or Android phone, which should you choose? Well, here are some points to consider.


Apps define the two platforms. Both of them have thousands of apps for you to access. It all depends on you.

The advantage of Apple is that is has hundreds of thousands of apps, with Google’s Android only trailing behind.

Not all of the apps have unique purposes though. Plenty of them are just rehashes of popular apps hoping to become a big hit. If you’re torn about what platform to choose with regards to apps, borrow devices from your friends and give them a try.


When it comes to hardware, the iOS platform only has the iPhone. It’s a marvelous phone indeed. You get a nice screen, a nice design and nifty features like powerful cameras.

It’s a phone that’s simple but striking. The only downside to it though, is that there’s only one model to choose from. The sad thing is that even if you got this phone, millions more also have this.

With Android though, there’s a bit more freedom. You have Android smartphones with touchscreens, with keyboards and touchscreens mixed with keyboards. There’s an Android model for everyone in every price range.

Of course, the high – end Android smartphones also manage to stand out and go head to head with the iPhone. If you’re looking for a high – end smartphone that isn’t made by Apple, then Android is your choice.


While the two may have different philosophies, the interface of the two is somewhat similar.

At its most basic, Android and iOS have a menu wherein apps are displayed. You can swipe to different screens and select the apps you have. You also have access to settings and other menus.

The difference is in the aesthetics. iOS likes to play it safe, while Android isn’t afraid to change.

iOS is run like a dictatorship, but in a good way. There’s some amount of customization you can do, but it’s not great enough to merit the word ‘fun.’

With Android, you can customize the interface in any way you want through rooting. Many communities encourage it, but the downside is that you can be left with a buggy phone with performance problems.

With iOS, there’s really not much you can tweak, but it is very consistent in performance.


Before you sell your phone, always choose wisely. Do some research on what you like before selling your phone.

As always, take your time, so you don’t regret anything.

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