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The Lawsuits Keep Coming: Is the iPhone 5 in Danger of Patent Issues?

The entire electronics world is abuzz with the long-awaited Apple reveal of the latest incarnations of their products. It has put the gadget world on a standstill, as people tried to see what the new iPhone looked like. And why shouldn’t they? The iPhone is widely regarded as the “game-changer” in the smartphone industry.

What the iPhone Did for Smartphones

True, smartphones had been around before then. But it wasn’t until Apple set the bar high with the iPhone that everything started to rush to progress. Competitors knew that they had to catch up to the kind of performance that Apple was able to deliver with the iPhone. To this day, it is one of the most (if not the most used) smartphones in the world. The business world also seems to be torn between Blackberries and iPhones for their business phone of choice, but in mainstream media, nearly every character you see these days wields the iPhone.

Apple kept the device under heavy patenting to protect it from the trending slew of imitators that followed since then, enforcing this ownership with great clout, as they proved when they won their highly publicized injunction with Samsung just this year. But what if the iPhone itself is the one in trouble?

No rest for the weary

Looks like the lawsuits aren’t quite over. Rumors abound that the new iPhone could be in trouble for violating a few patents too, and these concerns have been circling since the first “leaked” photos sprang onto the internet. The fact of the matter is that the iPhone 5 was designed to have flexible 4G LTE connectivity all over the world. And since news of this nifty feature came out, their competitors HTC and Samsung (yes, the one that just lost) are threatening on putting down lawsuits for copyright infringements, and then lobby for a sales ban of the iPhone on US soil.

4G LTE connectivity has been patented relentlessly in the smartphone field, accumulating quite a few patents over the years that smartphones have been developed. This is why it’s best to be prepared for any type of patent lawsuit coming from this end. This recent incarnation of the iPhone is rather late to the 4G game, and thus is in danger of violating some of the patent laws that other companies have already locked solid.

The Shark Pit

Competitors would be looking to take advantage of this tardiness, and are have been circling the new Apple phone from rumor to release, waiting to pounce and take advantage of these patents in order to prevent the electronics juggernaut from marketing the phone in the United States. Already, HTC is making the accusation that Apple is infringing on copyrights, making sure to hit every Apple product that is capable of LTE connectivity. Apple fought back to quash HTC’s US patents, but that is still pending in courts, waiting for a ruling from the US International Trade Commission.

Looks like Apple may have won over Samsung, but the smartphone patent war is just beginning.

Author Bio:- Nancy Perkins is a writer for business and technology. The gadget enthusiasts loves to explore and share everything that’s new.

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  • Chris

    September 28, 2012, 4:30 pm

    Obviously there is a lot of money that comes from being the sole manufacturer of a particular technology. However it feels like the patent wars between smartphones is just detracting benefit from the user.


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