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The key to a Successful Blog – It Lies Here

You’ve got problems getting more people to read your blog? Having a hard time making your blog look good? I’ve got a few tips and tricks right here for you. Always have a certain subject for your blog. Many people just write about their life, it might be interesting at the beginning, but at a certain point it just slowly fades away. Write about something what people need, what they need to read about. The look of your blog depends on the theme you use. You can buy different themes on the internet, they may cost you a bit of money.. But trust me, they’re worth every penny. Many people stay on the blog and start following you because they look at your blog and think it’s neat. Everything should have it’s own order. Be sure to post enough to get your own loyal followers. Plugins might help you from time to time. You can add some cool plugins to get rid of that “extra” room on your blog.

To get your blog running with a lot of visitors you need a couple of some nice widgets.

1# You can add an audio player

So people could listen to the music you want them to, while they are browsing your blog.

2# Facebook “Like” button and a Twitter Re-tweet button

Because then people can easily share if they find something worth sharing from your blog.

3# Contact form

For people who would like to ask you questions about something. Many people want to ask the person they follow some questions. This will work fine for you, you can connect with your readers.

4# WP Touch and WP Mobile

Many people are on the road at all times. They use Mobiles or iPod’s to browse internet.
These plugins will make your blog easily accessible with a mobile.

5# Subscription

I strongly advise you to add a e-mail subscription plugin to your page, when you update your blog – people will receive the information on their e-mail and visit you shortly. I would recommend you the Feedburner because it’s completely free. There are many others, but they all have a monthly fee.


In my opinion they depend on the subject of the blog. You can’t add a random black/metal themed template when your blog talks about cuisine. Many themes cost, but you can definitely get some good looking ones for free. It’s a matter of taste.

Thank you for reading my post.. I hope you got some helpful information out of it.

Author Bio:- My name is Ari Mistaravan. I’m from Finland but my parents came from India. I have written in my high-school and college newspapers and just started blogging a little while ago. I am 25 years old and have studied journalism. I hope you will like my posts. I write guest posts about blogging and technology

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