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The iPad Mini: Paving The Way for a Totally New Market Segment

iPad mini is in a league of its own; the recently launched device from Apple Inc. has created a brand new market segment where no device is in direct competition with it.

Come to think of it, Apple launched this mini device the same year it launched ‘The new iPad’ and the ‘iPhone 5’ which led people to think that Apple didn’t give its users enough time to enjoy each of these devices! The announcement of the ‘mini’ mainly surprised those, who pre-booked iPhone 5, thinking that it is the latest and the best Apple device to own and flaunt.

However, when you come to think about it, Apple is not a startup and hasn’t earned its billions by making impulsive decisions at the last moment! The company definitely had a strategy in place “eons” before launching the iPad mini, iPhone 5, the latest iOS – iOS 6 and the new iPad in the same calendar year.

In my opinion, the company had the iPad mini in its pipeline years ago and it launched the mini to give users a device, which is positioned somewhere in between the new iPad and an iPhone 5. This is evident because although the iPad mini’s size is less than that of an iPad, it retains the characteristics of an iPad and shares some features of the iPhone 5.  What this means is that the iPad mini has paved the way for a totally new market segment for itself.

Apple is competing against itself, not with other tablets

The past couple of years saw a boom in the tablet market with various tablets being launched in the market at a rapid pace. These tablets include big names like Samsung’s Galaxy series of tablets, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook and Google’s Nexus 7. Each one of these tablets has its own characteristics and is competing with the other in the market segment that includes tablets.

However, the iPad mini is not a part of Apple’s strategy to outrun its rivals in this 7-inch tablet space, which consists of all these devices as it already has the new iPad to compete with them. So, if a user wants to use a tablet, which he can afford, he can easily settle for any of these devices depending upon his budget. He may or may not choose an iPad in this case.

Coming back to Apple, the company already had two new devices in its kitty – the new iPad and iPhone 5. But, it does look like someone in the company realized (just in time) that there is too large a gap between these two types of devices. Perhaps this is the reason why it took the initiative to create a totally new range of devices for its customers.

Therefore, now when it comes to buying an Apple product, the users can choose from an iPad, an iPhone, iPod Touch and get an additional option in the form of an iPad mini. And since all these devices are premium range devices, it implies that if users can afford to buy the new iPad, an iPod Touch or an iPhone 5, they will be definitely be able to afford an iPad mini.

So, those users who want to go for an Apple smartphone, will settle for iPhone 5, those who want a 10-inch Apple tablet, will purchase the new iPad, and those who want to experience a new device, which is somewhere in between these two devices, will settle for the iPad mini.

In a nutshell, this means that the US based smartphone giant is competing solely against itself and not its competitors!

To Conclude

To conclude, iPad mini is a device that has carved its own niche. It does not have any direct competition as of now in its segment and it is unlikely that it will face competition in the near future as well – at least not by this year’s end. The pre-bookings of this new device from Apple begin on Friday, November 2nd and with the Holiday season round the corner, stakes of its success are at an all-time high. So, will this maverick device outperform mobile devices launched by its parent company or a competitor in the market or not? We’ll find out soon.

Author Bio:- Carlos is a developer with MyFirstMobileApps.com and has extensive experience of developing apps specifically for the iPad. An out and out tech-geek, he explores various technologies whenever he gets the time and also writes about some of them. You can find his write-ups on various guest-blogging websites.

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