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The Inner Details of the iPhone 5

Looks like all the hype surrounding the iPhone 5 was warranted, as the device completed a remarkable pre-order sell-out in less than an hour. Within a short span of time, Apple’s latest release has been reviewed vigorously by customers and analysts alike. The device itself seems like a much faster version of the iPhone 4S. Apart from improvising on the speed factor, Apple has also made upgrades to the phone’s applications and features. The company claims it to be two times faster than its predecessor.

One of the talking points of the iPhone 5 revolved around Apple’s snub of the ARM A9 core design in favour of the ARM A15 design. The former was integrated into the company’s A5 and A4 chips. Simply put, both the designs are Central Processing Unit blocks that can be merged with the A5 and A4 chips. They also hold video processors, graphic processors, etc. A complete chip such as the Apple A6 has another term called ‘system-on-a-chip’ or SoC. Ti’s OMAP, NVIDIA’s Tegra and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon are the popular SoCs.

iphone 5 inner facts

The operating system of the iPhone 5

A recent look into the app information on the iOS 6 SDK reveals that the company is in fact using the faster version of the ARM A9 design and not the ARM A15. Apple has managed to re-build a core design that is a 100 per cent compatible with the instruction set of the ARM A9. This turns out to be the only way in which a considerable performance boost can be attained over the ARM A9 core design without exhausting the life of the device’s battery.

Qualcomm is known for applying a similar technique to its processors – the Snapdragons. This allows the companies to boost performance and control power in whichever field they find the need to. For example, Qualcomm has enabled us to perform more tasks per cycle – a method that is proven to enhance performance without consuming more power or increasing the frequency.

One for the gamers

The iPhone has already established itself as a popular gaming device. However, the advances made in the latest release, the iPhone 5, could solidify its dominance in smartphone gaming. 52 per cent of users play games on their phones at least once every week as compared to the 42 per cent who play their games on Android smartphones.

The improvements made by Apple have the potential to increase the number of gamers who would use the smartphone, according to Magid’s Consulting Unit’s president, Mike Vorhaus. He says that the bigger, thinner and lighter screens are the best a gamer could hope for in a smartphone, and believes that Apple have expanded their markets to wider horizons with the iPhone 5.

The iPhone has seen a lot of improvements in other areas as well. For instance, the voice assistant Siri can now understand and communicate in more languages. Panorama – the tool that makes it possible to take a moving picture, which is then merged into one to create a lengthened shot, is also a fantastic addition to the features of the phone.

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