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The Importance of Twitter Profiles

The development and use of Internet technologies gave rise to new and effective means of communication. When Internet services became available for all people there was a burst of different social networks: each aims at providing modern and easy way of communication. The one that is very popular and has more users and accounts is Twitter that provides two –way interaction for its users.

The growth of Twitter was very fast and now it has millions of users and accounts all around the world. In this process the main stress is on accounts’ profiles as much can be deduced from them about its owners and users. As visual impact plays a great role in account promotion, profiles should be very unique and impressive. Profiles can be of different style and design and they are mainly the results of their users’ creativity.

Profile designs should contain very important and needed information about the account and its user, i.e. lot should be said with very little. To get more followers and promote Twitter accounts users think and create profiles of different design. As the number of your followers depends on your profile attractiveness: this is the first and last thing your followers see and only afterwards they decide to click on “Follow” button or not.

Twitter profiles should be designed in such a way as to give brief but to the point information about its user, about its personality, interests and habits. To have a good profile, users should create a landing page, a URL that will help greatly in future promotion of your profile showing all details needed about its user: how he/she uses that account, tell much about follow policy and etc.

As can be deduced from the above every profile is a representation of its owner so it should be designed in such a way to correspond to owner’s personality. To have attractive and unique profiles is a main goal of every user and they pay great attention to it.

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  • Sahl @Dgboost.com

    April 22, 2012, 7:08 am

    Nice article, i use my twitter profile to get few backlinks via the description 🙂


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