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The Importance Of Permanent Link Structure In SEO

Search engine optimization, which is commonly referred to as SEO, is one of the most popular methods used today in the marketing world. The goal of SEO is to increase a website’s search engine rankings in organic search engine results, in order to increase the numbers of visitors to your website. There are many aspects to successful SEO implementation; however, one of the most important components is linking to highly respected and popular web page resources on the Internet.

When planning and implementing a linking strategy, the most successful approach is to use a permanent link structure. For people unfamiliar with this method, it is the gradual process of creating inbound and outbound links to your website with links are coming from sources with are permanent and lasting. In contrast, many websites use what are called dynamic links, which are links that change depending on the visitor and the website they are exploring. Thus, the web address that is used to follow a link on one visit may not work for a later visit.

The reason why it is important to use a permanent link structure is because search engines use a program called an algorithm, which is platform that the search engines operate on to rank websites for various search terms. As part of the algorithm process, the search engines send a small program called a spider to websites to determine the overall composition of the websites. For the spider to determine how many links the website contains, the links must be permanent so that the spider can find and evaluate the links.

The ability to follow links is important because links are an important aspect in determining a website’s search engine rankings. The quality and popularity of these links play a significant role in the ultimate value placed on the links so it is important that the links can be successfully followed.

Beyond the ability for search engines to successfully follow links for evaluation purposes, broken links are highly frowned on by search engines and websites are penalized for broken links. Moreover, broken links are links that do not provide a workable web address to follow. One of the biggest contributors to broken links is dynamic links, which are no longer viable.

A permanent link structure plays an important role in successful SEO implementation. Many website owners make the mistake of conducting poor SEO practices and one of the major areas where short cuts are normally made involve permanent links. However, if additional time is taken during the initial SEO planning and implementation stage to establish a permanent link structure, the extra effort will pay huge dividends in the long run by contributing to great search engine rankings for the websites.

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