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The Importance of Online Backup and How to Find the Most Reliable Backup for You

Below are just some of the possible situations that can lead to lost data. Because we live in a digital age, we are dependent on our computers to store nearly all of our important data. Imagine the hundreds of documents saved on your PC or those precious pictures of your family; even your vast library of music and videos. Will you be able to handle it if you will find out that any of that data is gone forever, if you encounter any of the aforementioned situations?

  • Hard Disk Crash
  • Stolen tablet PCs
  • Virus Attacks
  • Machine Failure

No one would want to lose his or her important data. For a small business, for example, losing financial documents after a hard disk crash can cost them the life of their company. That is why it is important for companies and even individual users to implement a backup system to protect them against any incident that can lead to lost of their valuable information.

Back in the days, external drives, DVDs, USB Drives, tapes and the like were the common media use to backup data. But recent developments in technology gave birth to online backup, whichis now the preferred choice for countless of companies or users’ backup systems.

What, exactly,is online backup? Simply put:  it is a method of saving data like documents, photos, subfolders, system files and more to an offsite server via a network or internet connection.

Online backup is becoming more and more popular; here are just a few of the reasons as to why:

  1. Availability. Since files are stored on a remote server, data is available everywhere you go, anytime you need it, as long as there is an internet connection.
  2. Security. Physical media like DVDs, flash disks and so on are prone to damage, theft and mechanical failure, making it a not-so-reliable option for backup. Online backup, on the other hand, provides a more secure means to backup your data. This is because they use highly reliable data servers that have redundancy for added security. These data centers even employ data encryption to protect your data, not just from any physical damage, but also from the different threats that loom on the internet like viruses, hacking and much more.
  3. Cost-Effective. There are plenty of companies now that offer different online backup services at a very affordable price. The monthly fee covers everything from the storage and bandwidth, which eliminates the need to invest on backup software programs and physical means. This makes it the most affordable method to protect your information.
  4. Easy to Use. Online backup services allow the configuration of the backup to happen automatically at specified times, so the system will take care of everything for the client.

Because of the growing popularity of online backup, a lot of companies are offering this service, attempting to cash in. That is why it is important to make a thorough consideration before going forward with one. Here are some pointers that one must check when choosing the most reliable and affordable online backup service:

  1. Storage Space. When choosing the backup service for you, check the company that offers the most storage plans at the most affordable rates. If possible, opt for the unlimited plan, so you don’t have to worry on the size of files that you send to their server for backup.
  2. Transfer Rate. A provider that offers higher bandwidth will allow one to backup and restore data faster, so choose the one that has the greatest transfer rate.
  3. Data Encryption. Encrypting data, especially for those that are being delivered over the internet, needs a high level of security to protect them from any cyber threats. When choosing a provider for an online backup service, make sure that the package comes with data encryption, without any additional cost.
  4. Mobile Accessibility. Majority of users now have a mobile phone and they use it to do a host of functions. Being able to access data from backup and send information from mobile phones to the backup server will be a big plus/

Data loss prevention plans could help a company or individual save time; it could even save them thousands of dollars. Investing on online backup services is one way of avoiding headaches in the future, by ensuring the safety and security of your personal and corporate data today.

Author’s Bio:- Online backup is a very important issue these days and Abie discusses this in detail in her Technology Blog. She also works as a content provider for a site,where you can find password management software.

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  • ricky

    July 26, 2012, 6:08 pm

    Its really hard to choose the best from the vast available. But when it comes to backup there are just few big players with enormous features in backup and recovery. After some loads of trial versions we a medium business choosen StoreGrid Cloud Edition to backup data for business continuity.


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