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The Impact of the iPad in Dentistry

The iPad has changed the way people compute worldwide, including professionals. In dentistry, the iPad has helped to streamline many aspects of running a dental practice, including high resolution images that offer a better standard than some x-rays.

ipad dentistry


The iPad reduces the clutter and storage space required for paper records by using an app for patient intake and recordkeeping. This also eliminates the need for the filing and shredding of documents later on.

The device can also serve as a source of entertainment and productivity if the patient must wait before the appointment. The Internet, email and many sources of news are readily available at the touch of a finger.

Using the iPad in a dental practice can also reassure patients that the office is up to date on technology and this will help them feel more confident about taking their business there.


An important part of a dentist’s work is open and clear communication with the patient. The iPad makes this job easier with its high resolution display, which includes zooming. Digital images are more detailed than x-rays and help the dentist to illustrate and explain procedures. This can lead to better overall care.

In the Lab

After discussing treatment with a patient, the dentist can take the iPad to the lab to assist in explaining or demonstrating a procedure.

This is especially helpful in offices that specialise in restoration. The dentist can show a photograph to the tech and tell them exactly how they want something built or shaped. Having a highly detailed photo results in more accurate restoration work.

Building Trust

The iPad can be a powerful tool to persuade a patient to have necessary work done. Seeing a dental problem presented in intricate detail as opposed to a standard x-ray can make all the difference.

The impact of iPad applications in dental practice has only just begun. The device is easy to use, eliminates paperwork and gives the dentist an efficient, concise way to communicate with patients.

The iPad also help the environment with efficient energy use and the elimination of millions of pounds of paper. It is expected that iPad use will increase in dentistry in the years to come.

Author Bio: Richard is a guest blogger and spends much of his time writing about health, cosmetic dentistry and technology. He would be happy to see you on Twitter at thefreshhealth.