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The Future of Automotive Technology Is Now

Back in August we published a rundown of some of the automotive technology that we expect to see in the future. With the BMW 7 Series, we can proudly report that many of our predictions have already come true; the future is now.

The BMW 7 Series is not your ordinary sedan, it is a testament to the highest quality engineering and modern technology. Here are the tech specs that really intrigued us, which you can also see in action in this video:

For rating, specs, and pricing see here.

Self Driving

No, we aren’t talking about cruise control here. This car can actually drive itself. More specifically, it contains a feature that allows you to exit the car and command through the FOB for the car to park itself in the garage. Yes, that’s right, it will pull in and perfectly park itself through an extraordinary collection of sensors that keeps it on course. Naturally, once the car is perfectly in place, it also automatically turns off the ignition. The car can likewise back itself out of the garage as well. Although technology is advancing at a rapid rate, there’s still a strong need to take some maintenance into your own hands, as fitting parts or doing oil changes, for example, is still something that humans excel best at right now.

Self-driving cars


Perhaps not the best idea for a very active hand talker, but for the rest of us, this feature is an unbelievably cool dream come true, and takes hands-free to the next level. The in-car system can be operated through hand gestures. You can raise or lower the volume of the radio, accept or decline calls, and a handful of other options all through the wave of your hand.

Keeping You on The Road

First, the “heads-up display” on the driver’s side windshield helps you to keep your eyes on the road, instead of looking down at your speed or for other dashboard info. This small graphic is now bigger than the original technology already in use.

Aside from keeping your eyes on the road, maintaining the best visual field is made easier through new Laserlight technology which can double the distance of the visual field, even on roads with curves and bends. What’s even more cool is that the beams are “selective”, meaning that they separate in order to account for oncoming traffic and avoiding blinding them.

Finally, and one of the coolest technological developments to keep you on the road is BMW’s Connected Drive technology, which works to keep you inside your lane up to 130 miles per hour. On top of that, with the Executive Drive Pro keeping the car balanced at all times, it will be the most comfortable ride, despite high speeds or road conditions.

It’s gorgeous, innovative, and impeccably designed. The BMW 7 Series really is a car designed for the future, or perhaps the future of car design.

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