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The Fundamental Guidelines on How to Write Blogs for Starters

If writing is your passion, all you need to do is follow your heart and start writing on piece of paper. In fact, you can build your dream and start earning money just by writing for a people’s promotion and a client’s advantage which is now often seen on the internet called blogs. Blogs are one type of writing wherein you expresses your opinion and you are also promoting, it could be a person, a product, services or a company. So, if you want to get people’s attention, here are several tips and tricks on how to make good blogs for startups.

First, you need to select a target or a category which you want to write in content. Of course, you must be aware that there are already several bloggers in the industry who are known to be popular to most trusted clients. So the competition is very tough and you need to be distinctive and unique to be able to recognize by readers. You need to identify what category you are good and weak. Focus on your good side and avoid weak side. Try to make some research on the internet and read blogs so that you may know the pattern on how to write blogs.

Second, you need to keep in touch with some of the people you know who already write blogs and become successful in the industry. You may also seek their advices and perhaps apply it on your blogs. If for instance, you don’t know anyone personally, you may start contacting them through posting comments on their blogging sites and make sure your comments have relevance on the said topic. You need to post something that is new and fresh because some bloggers are looking for new ideas and concept. You need to use words that are captivating and you can only attain it if you use both of your heart and knowledge about a topic.

You need also to be internet savvy so that you may know the latest trends in blogging. You need to socialize such using networking sites like facebook, wordpress, linkedin, pinterest and twitter. Do not ever forget to thank those people are giving their own opinion on your blog. It will help you improve in writing blogs so take it as a challenge. Always appreciate their side comments and thank them whether it is good or bad publicity.

Moreover, if you want to get ahead of the game, make sure your blogs are highly researched and contains no grammatical errors as well as good sentence structures. One important thing in writing blogs is you need to write your original piece and strictly avoid copying other blogger’s information, it is plagiarism. If you are writing blogs for a client, you must be particular with the deadlines and pass it as early as possible because majority of the clients loves bloggers that have quick turnaround time. And finally, get into the details and always ensure that these words are correct and known to be of original content.

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  • Rabia Akram

    October 25, 2012, 12:50 pm

    Thanks for sharing some useful ideas it will help the beginners in effective blogging,as blogging is starting to become an addiction for me…..so writing one is just round the corner…:)


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