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The Fifth Generation of iPod Touch

On 12th September, 2012 when Apple Inc. launched iPhone 5 and iOS 6, the new iPod Touch’s launch was completely clouded. But for music lovers this new fifth generation iPod Touch has brought many new power packed features.

The last update iPod touch got was in late 2010 but after that Apple focused on upgradation of the iPhone. But finally on the day when iPhone 5 was launched Apple also revealed the new iPod Touch with a number of welcome changes. Here’s a list of the advanced features which are added or upgraded in this new iPod Touch.

ipod 5 touch

New thinner and lighter design:

Use of anodized aluminum in the MacBook is nothing new but for the very first time Apple has introduced this aluminum usage for iPod touch. The new iPod barely has any weight, it has super smooth finish and polished beveled edges.

The new iPod touch is just 6.1 millimeters thick and has a weight of 88 grams only. It comes in 6 vibrant colors viz. Black, pink, yellow, blue, red and silver.

Apple has come up with hand strap (loop) for this new iPod touch. A matching loop comes with your iPod which is easy to attach and use. This makes usage of the iPod even simpler and easier.

4-inch Retina Display

Just like the new iPhone 5, iPod touch is now 4 inches tall. With bigger screen there is an extra space for a new app row on the home screen. Even HD movies can fit perfectly on this screen and make your experience even more vivid because now all these movies can be watched without letterboxing.

iSight Camera

The new 5 mega-pixel camera in this iPod touch comes with many exciting features. This advanced iSight camera shoots 1080p HD video. It comes with features like LED flash, face detection, advanced optics, and tap to focus.

Take advantage of the Panorama feature added in this iSight camera for perfect wide shot by clicking on the button and moving the camera over the scene.

Dual-Core A5 chip

A new and most powerful dual core A5 chip is added in the new iPod Touch. This makes it the most powerful iPod touch till date. This boosts the processing power by two times and seven times faster in graphics forte compared to previous version.

Surprisingly this advanced A5 chip still provides 40 hours of music or 8 hours of video once it is completely charged.


ipod touch 5


  • With the latest iTunes all the songs you want to listen are just a click away from your iPod touch.


  • With 4-inch retina display, all the movies you want to watch, games you want to play are even more fun.


  • All your favorite movies, games, music once downloaded can be made available on all your Apple devices using iCloud without having the trouble of syncing manually.

Social Media Integration:

Facebook and Twitter are integrated in the new iPod Touch. Anything can be shared immediately with a touch on these social media sites. One can even share their favorite apps, videos and music.

Almost all the apps of iPhone exempting the ones which are call based are compatible with iPod touch too. Due to this iPod app market is booming too along with the iPhone. iPhone app developers in India are working on various apps which can be used on the iPod touch even making these apps even more versatile.

Author Bio:Along with the rising demand of iPhone apps the market for iPod touch too has grown. This is the reason that iPhone app developer in India is getting clients who ask for iPod touch compatible apps.

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